U.S. Imports Of Vietnamese Hardwood Plywood Surge As Their Prices Plummet

U.S. imports of hardwood plywood from Vietnam and Indonesia increased as imports from China fell by 50,000 to 100,000 cubic meters per month. Vietnam's export volume rose by 25,000 cubic meters per month but their prices into the U.S. dropped below the world average for the first time.
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DHA® eNews - President Trump Prefers American Wood

Decorative Hardwoods Association® (formerly HPVA) eNews Volume XII, Issue IV: President Trump Prefers American Wood | Political Debate Continues Over Formaldehyde Regulation | Six Trendsetting Kitchens & Baths | Latest Kitchen, Bath Designs Feature Wood | NEW DATES: Decorative Hardwoods Association Annual Meeting Will Be Held May 5 - 8

President Trump Prefers American Wood - http://eepurl.com/gh7ZRv

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Wood Recognized As Carbon Neutral

The bipartisan agreement on government funding, recently passed to avoid another partial government shutdown, includes official recognition of the carbon neutrality of wood biomass.

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Formaldehyde's Half-Life Is Minutes But The Political Debate Spans Four Decades

An upcoming report by Congress’ Government Accountability Office notes that EPA leadership has cut several chemical assessments previously considered a priority. Formaldehyde was one of those chemicals, suggesting that EPA leadership believes that the relationship between formaldehyde and leukemia is weak. The decision on priorities was made by political appointees with alleged strong ties to the chemical industry. House hearings are expected.

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New Study Quantifies The Hardwood Industry's Contribution To The U.S. Economy

A new study shows that the U.S. hardwood forest products industry employs over 1.8 million people and contributes $348 billion to the U.S. economy. The study provides detailed economic impact data - including jobs created - by hardwood plywood and veneer mills, sawmills, flooring companies, kitchen cabinet manufacturers, and more. 
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