DHA eNews - TPCs Hit Choppy Seas

Decorative Hardwoods Association (formerly HPVA) eNews Volume XII, Issue XIX: TPCs Hit Choppy Seas: EPA Yanks Approvals For Chinese, Taiwanese TPCs | U.S. Plywood Producers Claim That Certifiers Give Imports A Pass | U.S. vs. China: Who Wins At Manufacturing Kitchen Cabinets? Read More

Customs Opens Another Formal Investigation Into Evasion Of Hardwood Plywood Duties

U.S. Customs has initiated another formal investigation into Chinese hardwood plywood allegedly transshipped through Cambodia by three importers. Two of these companies are also under investigation for transshipment through Vietnam. The merchandise in question is subject to duties and liquidation. "Live entry" for future imports will require cash deposits before the goods are released by customs.



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Chinese Wooden Cabinets & Vanities Hit With Antidumping Duties

The U.S. Department of Commerce announced preliminary antidumping duties of 4.49% to 262.18% on wooden cabinets and vanities imported from China into the U.S. Most Chinese producers will face a 39.25% antidumping rate. The antidumping rates take effect when they are published in the Federal Register. Cash deposits will be required. Read More

China Imports U.S. Hardwood Logs As U.S. Lumber Exports Fall

Exports of hardwood lumber declined sharply soon after China placed retaliatory 25% tariffs on imports of U.S. lumber and other wood products. Exports of U.S. hardwood logs have fallen but are still on pace to exceed $500 million.



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