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International Trade

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International Trade

Featured PublicationHPVA Executive Summary of US Trade Flows, 2016


External International Trade, Import and Export, and Forest Certification Links


To learn more, explore the following links:


External International Trade

Improvements to Siberian Timber Products 
American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) 
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

 Convention on International Trade of Endangered
Species (CITES)

Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 
International Trade Commission (USITC) 
U.S. Customs & Border Protection: Import and
Export Information

Import/Export Statistics (U.S. and Canada)

Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) 
China Posts Robust Gains in 2010 
U.S. Census Bureau 
Directory of Forest Products, Wood
Science, and Marketing
 Nearly 2,000 links for financial information and
forest industry statistics, research, and a whole host of other valuable information.
Statistics Canada 
Industry Canada

Forest Certification Links

Canadian Standards Association
International Organization for Standardization
(ISO 14000 EMS)
 International standard for environmental management. 
Forest Stewardship Council Organization
has developed certification guidelines for forestry. 
Scientific Certification Systems Certifies
forests and companies.
SmartWood Certifies forests and companies.