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Veneer: Tips

How to choose the right veneer product:

  • Communication – Clearly communicate what you want and need to the supplier. Here are some basic questions that any veneer supplier will want answered when taking your order:
    • What are you making?
    • What wood species do you want?
    • What veneer cut do you want?

    (To view the full list of questions, click here)

  • Quality – Make sure you know where to buy quality veneer products that are American made and certified to American standards.

  • Species – When selecting your veneer species, give some thought to the cut, appearance, and grade of veneer that you want. Avoid automatically requesting the highest quality veneer grade when a lower grade could perform just as well and save you money at the same time.


Veneer come in a wide range of available species. Our publication provides detailed information and photos for the 150 wood veneer species commercially available in North America. This publication will help you choose the right veneer product for your need.