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Hardwood Plywood: Tips

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Hardwood Plywood: Tips

How to choose the right hardwood plywood product:

  • Communication – Clearly communicate what you want and need to the manufacturer. The best way to do this is by using a published standard that accurately lists the specific requirements for all hardwood plywood grades as well as formaldehyde emissions, moisture content, tolerances, and more.

  • Quality – Make sure you know where to buy quality hardwood plywood products that are American made and certified to American standards.

  • Grades – Hardwood plywood come in a range of grades and species, ranging from the highest to lowest premium: (AA, A, B, C, D and E). The typical hardwood log produces a large amount of B and C grade material but only a small percentage of AA grade material. Before automatically choosing the highest premium grade (AA or A), consider a lower grade panel like B or C. You may be getting a significant value on a panel that will work just as well, while at the same time getting a more affordable product.


To learn more, check out our Hardwood Plywood Handbook. This publication provides a visual introduction to hardwood plywood and includes more than 100 pictures demonstrating the range of grade appearances and characteristics.