China's Tale Of Two Countries: Tariffs On Logs From The U.S. Vs. Australia

China will extend tariff exemptions on U.S. hardwood logs and lumber as well as 64 other U.S. products at least through September 16, 2021. U.S. hardwood logs and lumber were the only agricultural product on this list.

Australia's log exports fell 9.5% in January as the Chinese ban on their log imports continued to impact the industry. The results would have been even lower had it not been for a significant increase in Australia's log shipments to India.


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Test Your Forest Knowledge

Which countries have no forests? Hint: There are three.


Answer: Greenland, Qatar, and San Marino.

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A Tale Of Two Critters: Emerald Ash Borers & Super Termites

New University of Minnesota research shows a possible path in controlling the emerald ash borer: some fungi that live in borer-infested trees attack the pest - and other insects. The fungi are now being evaluated for their potential for biocontrol.

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A Tale Of Two Markets: Imports Of U.S. Lumber

In 2020, Canada's share of U.S. lumber imports declined. EU sources have filled the void.



NAHB Eye On Housing: Global Exports of U.S.-Grade Framing Lumber

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U.S. Begins Review Of China's Hardwood Plywood & Wood Furniture Producers

The Department of Commerce published the names of 55 Chinese hardwood plywood manufacturers and about 50 Chinese wooden bedroom furniture producers that will be included in the annual audit of antidumping duties. Commerce will decide if there is any reason to change the duties for these companies beyond the initial cash deposit rates for shipments made in 2020.



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