August 11, 2022

DHA eNews - Hardwood Plywood From Vietnam Circumvents Duties, Says Commerce

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The Coalition for Fair Trade in Hardwood Plywood, which includes many DHA members, recently won an important victory in their trade cases against unfair imports from Vietnam, which have been surging in recent years. In a preliminary finding, the Department of Commerce concluded that importers of multiple types of hardwood plywood are circumventing tariffs assessed on imports from China. Those imports will now be subject to tariffs as high as 200%. Public data suggests that plywood that is covered under this finding and subject to duties may be up to 60% of all hardwood plywood imported from Vietnam.

DHA had previously warned that much of the birch hardwood plywood from Asia is likely made from Russian timber; now, the UK's Timber Trade Federation has issued a similar import warning. Russian timber is subject to a complete ban in the UK and substantial tariffs in the U.S.

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Keith A. Christman, President
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Hardwood Plywood From Vietnam Circumvents Duties, Says Commerce

The U.S. Department of Commerce recently published its preliminary affirmative determination in its circumvention investigation into hardwood plywood made with Chinese core materials and assembled in Vietnam. In its determination, Commerce found that the multiple types of hardwood plywood it examined should be subject to the substantial antidumping and countervailing duties on hardwood plywood made in China. These duties range as high as 200%.

Sales Of Kitchen Cabinets Rise In June

U.S. cabinet manufacturers reported an increase in overall cabinet sales of 21.3% in June 2022 vs. June 2021. The companies surveyed reported an increase in sales of all types of cabinets: stock, semi-custom, and custom.

UK Issues Import Warning On Birch Plywood From The Far East

The UK Timber Trade Federation has issued an official import warning to its members about the probable source of birch plywood from the Far East. While China has been mentioned, it is likely that at least some of the birch plywood is from Russia.

Cambodia & Vietnam Pass China As Sources Of Engineered Wood Flooring

U.S. imports of engineered wood flooring have risen 31% by volume and 33% by value so far this year. Imports from Cambodia are up 26% to nearly 78 million square feet and imports from Vietnam have jumped 49% to nearly 96 million square feet, while imports of engineered wood flooring from China fell 6%.

U.S. Is World's Largest Importer Of Furniture

In 2020, the U.S. imported the most furniture in the world, buying a total of about $54 billion. The value of U.S. furniture imports surpassed the combined total of all furniture imported by the next six largest importing countries.

Declining Demand Affects Vietnam's Exports Of Forest Products

In July, Vietnam's exports of forest products fell 5.5% vs. the prior month to $1.41 billion, down 1.6% from the same period last year. The value of exports from January through July is about $10.42 billion, still 1.3% higher than last year.

House Approves Legislation To Help The West Fight Wildfires

On July 29, the U.S. House of Representatives approved broad legislation to help the West contend with wildfires and drought. The measure, which combines 49 separate bills, would increase firefighter wages and benefits, support resilience and mitigation projects, protect watersheds, and make it easier for wildfire victims to receive federal aid.

U.S. Triples Spending On Reforestation

In July, the U.S. tripled annual reforestation spending to tackle a four million acre replanting backlog caused by intensifying wildfires due to climate change. Forest Service funding rose to more than $100 million this year to support planting more than one billion trees over the next ten years.

Source: USDA

Climate Change Affects Composition Of Yukon's Forests

A new study shows that coniferous trees, which dominate forests in the Yukon, appear to be fighting a losing battle against deciduous trees. Aspen and even grasslands are steadily encroaching on white spruce forests.

Structural Plywood Certifier Ordered To Revoke PS 1 Certifications In Brazil

A U.S. District Court ordered PFS TECO, a third-party certifier of structural plywood, to revoke all of the PS 1 certificates and grade stamps that it has issued to structural plywood mills in southern Brazil. The order is the result of a lawsuit filed by nine U.S. plywood producers alleging false advertising claims by PFS-TECO and Timber Products Inspection, Inc.

PEFC Suspends Russian Forest Certification

Effective August 11, the Russian National Voluntary Forest Certification has been suspended through December 31. The suspension is intended to preserve the conditions for successful long-term cooperation with PEFC Russia, in consideration of the current political situation.

U.S. Private Residential Home Construction Spending Falls
Canada's Housing Starts Are Down 3%
U.S. Will Need 4.3 Million More Apartments By 2035
Mortgage Applications For New Homes Drops 12%
Housing Market Slows As Fed Takes Aggressive Approach To Combat Inflation
Construction Job Openings Plunge By 71,000
Residential Furniture Orders Fall 41%
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