DHA Insights: August 11, 2022


The Coalition for Fair Trade in Hardwood Plywood, which includes many DHA members, recently won an important victory in their trade cases against unfair imports from Vietnam, which have been surging in recent years. In a preliminary finding, the Department of Commerce concluded that importers of multiple types of hardwood plywood are circumventing tariffs assessed on imports from China. Those imports will now be subject to tariffs as high as 200%. Public data suggests that plywood that is covered under this finding and subject to duties may be up to 60% of all hardwood plywood imported from Vietnam.

DHA had previously warned that much of the birch hardwood plywood from Asia is likely made from Russian timber; now, the UK's Timber Trade Federation has issued a similar import warning. Russian timber is subject to a complete ban in the UK and substantial tariffs in the U.S.

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Keith A. Christman, President
Decorative Hardwoods Association