April 17, 2024

Latest Revision Of HP-1 Is Ready For Comment

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Decorative Hardwoods Association members have told us that our standards provide critical value to their companies. We're happy to report that the revision process for our American National Standard for Hardwood and Decorative Plywood (ANSI/HPVA HP-1-2020) is nearing completion and the revised standard is available for comment. Our thanks to our members and the many others who participated in the revision process.

Unfair and illegal trade from China has also impacted our customers. Therefore, we join the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association in applauding the Department of Commerce's recent action against circumvention through Vietnam and Malaysia.

Regulations remain an important challenge to our industry and our allies in other parts of the hardwood industry. The Hardwood Federation, which DHA and our members are part of, has asked for our help in reaching out to policymakers and pushing back on regulatory overreach. DHA members are also encouraged to participate in the Hardwood Federation's Capitol Hill Fly-In.

If you have questions or comments, contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.


Keith A. Christman, President
Decorative Hardwoods Association

Latest Revision Of HP-1 Is Ready For Comment

DHA has announced the formal comment period for BSR/HPVA HP-1-202x, the latest revision of the American National Standard for Hardwood and Decorative Plywood (ANSI/HPVA HP-1-2020), in ANSI's Standards Action. This consensus standard for hardwood and decorative plywood establishes nationally recognized marketing classifications, quality criteria, test methods, definitions, and product marking for plywood produced primarily from hardwoods. The proposed revision includes several revisions to the veneer grading tables and other content throughout the standard.

For an electronic copy of the standard, email Josh Hosen. Send your comments to jhosen@decorativehardwoods.org, cc: psa@ansi.org.


Commerce Acts To Stop Circumvention Of Chinese Cabinets

The U.S. Department of Commerce proposed a certification process to stop the unfair trade of wooden cabinets and components from China. Commerce is acting to stop importers who transship through Malaysia and Vietnam to avoid U.S. antidumping and countervailing duties.

Help Us Push Back On Federal Red Tape

Whether it's misguided regulations related to old-growth forests, endangered species rules, or expansion of EPA non-attainment areas, the cumulative effect of extreme regulations is to undermine the ability of hardwoods to provide high-paying jobs while creating environmentally friendly products for consumers. Act today: send a letter to lawmakers advocating against excessive regulatory action.

Industry Urges EPA To List Wood Products As Low-Carbon

In comments to the EPA on low-carbon building materials, wood products groups urged the agency to consider the carbon benefits of wood construction materials. In their comments, the groups referred to DHA's Life Cycle Assessment which demonstrated that engineered wood flooring is a climate-responsible choice.

Pierce Wins KCMA Design Competition

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association has announced the winners of their inaugural Design Awards Competition. Natalia Pierce of the Detail by Design studio in Ontario was awarded first place for her complete redesign of a dated kitchen. KCMA CEO Betsy Natz stated that "the judges had a tough job in our first program because the designs, frankly, were all terrific."

Flooring Sustainability Summit Is July 17–18

The Flooring Sustainability Summit, hosted by the National Wood Flooring Association, Tile Council of North America, Natural Stone Institute, and North American Laminate Flooring Association will be held in Washington, DC, July 17–18. Leaders in the flooring industry, policymakers, architects, and more will discuss the standardization of green building and embodied carbon.

Majority Of Homeowners Plan To Renovate Their Homes

A new study reported that 58% of homeowners are planning to renovate their homes within five years. 32% will renovate their kitchens, 20% will renovate one or more bathrooms, and 14% will renovate a main living space. Upgrades include countertops (54%), flooring (48%), and cabinetry (45%).

See 15 Incredible Buildings Made Entirely Of Wood

Wood is one of the earliest building materials and the most versatile. Thanks to technological advances in mass timber plus government approval for its use in more and more structures, architects are increasingly using natural materials. Click the link below to see some truly impressive buildings.

AHF Products Buys 2 AWP Sawmills

AHF Products has acquired two West Virginia sawmills, formerly owned by Allegheny Wood Products, the company that abruptly shut down operations in February. A federal judge approved the $7.5 million purchase.

AHEC Reports On Trends In European Market

AHEC's European Market Report includes data on how the European hardwood trade switched more to domestic supplies, turbulence in the furniture market, and how European designers and manufacturers selected red oak as a sustainable choice.

German Customs Seizes Ship Carrying Russian Plywood To The U.S.

German Customs seized a cargo ship carrying $43 million worth of Russian plywood for violating sanctions against Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine. The ship was en route to the U.S. from St. Petersburg. Russian timber is banned in Europe and is subject to additional duties in the U.S. 


Russia Destroys Ukraine's Forests

Russia has destroyed more than 148,000 acres of Ukrainian forest, worth about $359 million, since it invaded Ukraine. These numbers reflect only the damage to the forests and not the value of the wood that could have been harvested.

Number Of Plywood Companies In China Fell In 2023

The number of plywood manufacturing plants in China fell by 30% last year to 7,400. Production capacity, however, declined only slightly.

U.S. Housing Starts Increase By 10.7%
U.S. Housing Takes Center Stage
Canadian Housing Starts Jump By 14%
Canadian Employment Remains Steady
U.S. Mortgage Rates Climb Toward 7%
U.S. Furniture Manufacturing Is Down, But Wood Products Are Up
U.S. Imports Of Plywood Soar By 32%
U.S. Economy Adds 303,000 Jobs
Construction Spending Rises By 10.7%
Small Business Optimism Is At Its Lowest Level In 12 Years
Wood Trivia: Test Your Knowledge

What tree in what country won the 2024 European Tree of the Year contest?

Answer: The "Heart of the Garden" beech tree, in Poland, was named the 2024 European Tree of the Year. This is the third year in a row that a tree in Poland has won.


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