March 21, 2019

DHA® eNews - Another Hardwood Veneer Mill Shuts Down Operations

Lumber Liquidators Fined $33 Million For False Formaldehyde Claims

The Department of Justice fined Lumber Liquidators $33 million for falsely claiming to the public that its products were in compliance with formaldehyde emission regulations. The basis for the lawsuit was the 60 Minutes television program that reported that Chinese flooring bought by Lumber Liquidators did not meet the emission limits set by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Atlantic Veneer Hardwood Mill Closes Veneer Slicing

The Atlantic Veneer Corp. hardwood veneer mill in Carteret County, NC will shut down veneer slicing operations on May 14, laying off over 50 employees. Some employees may transfer to its sister facility in Newport, NC. More than 40 hardwood veneer mills have closed since 2005.

Columbia Veneer Mill Likely To Reopen Soon

The Columbia Forest Products hardwood veneer mill in Rutherglen, ON is hoping to open again soon. The mill closed in January after cracks were discovered in ceiling beams.

HPVA Laboratories Certifies Eastern Panel Manufacturing

HPVA Laboratories® has awarded EPA TSCA Title VI certification for formaldehyde emissions to the Eastern Panel Manufacturing hardwood plywood manufacturing facility in Chatham, VA. Eastern Panel's composite core hardwood plywood is now certified to meet all requirements of the EPA's formaldehyde emission standards for composite wood products.

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Feds Investigate Roseburg’s African Rainforest Hardwood Products

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed that its Homeland Security Investigations division is conducting an ongoing investigation into illegal imports of okoumé, a Lacey Act violation.

EC Boosted Vietnam's Laundering Of Rosewood Timber

A new report claims that the European Commission knowingly legitimized a Vietnamese government agency that legalized the theft of half a billion dollars of Siamese rosewood, an endangered species.

Cartels Fight For Illegal Logging Trade In Mexico

Illegal wood is a thriving criminal market in Mexico. In the north, drug traffickers are fighting for control of the illegal wood trade.

1,125 Birch & Larch Trees Illegally Logged In Russia
Illegal Teak & Rosewood Logs Seized In India
Must-Have Designs For Today's Homes

Open kitchens, walk-in pantries, connected laundry rooms, and wood flooring are all elements sought by today's home buyers.

Top 5 Kitchen Cabinet Trends

Trends include redoing cabinets - instead of replacing them - as a green building practice and clean, simple design.

The High-Contrast Trend In Kitchen Cabinets

See photos of the latest trend in kitchen cabinets, where designers combine colored cabinets with finished wooden cabinets to create a stunning effect.

5 Green Building Trends

Among top trends are buildings that connect occupants to nature and biomimicry: design that draws solutions from living things.

U.S. Housing Starts Rebound 18.6% In January
Weaker Household Formation Affects U.S. Housing Policy
U.S. Builders Are Making More Affordable Homes
Canadian Starts Fall 16% In February
Loggers Harvest Remaining Ash Trees

In a race with the destructive emerald ash borer, U.S. loggers are cutting the remaining ash trees. The deadly pest, found throughout the U.S., has been destroying ash trees for twenty years. In some infested areas - like upstate New York - there may be less than seven years of ash logging remaining.

Deadly Tree Fungus Spreads In The UK

An ash fungus is spreading "more quickly and lethally" in Wales than experts had anticipated. A recent survey found infections confirmed in 80% of Wales, 68% of England, 32% of Northern Ireland, and 20% of Scotland.

Europe’s Forests Threatened By Biodiversity Collapse

Environmental groups blame the EU's use of biomass to meet renewable energy goals for new logging in ancient forests. The EU anticipates losing 125m tonnes of carbon sequestration potential from its forests between 2010 and 2030. Estonia, Latvia, and Austria are likely to change from carbon sinks to carbon sources. Illegal logging is a contributing factor in countries like Romania, where rampant timber crime threatens primeval forests.

Lawsuit Claims EU Is Devastating Forests

A landmark lawsuit against the EU claims that its 2018 Renewable Energy Directive is killing forests and increasing greenhouse gas emissions by promoting the burning of forest wood. Plaintiffs include the U.S. and five EU members: Romania, Ireland, Slovakia, France, and Estonia.

UN Calls For Forest Restoration

The United Nations seeks to mobilize global political and financial support to restore deforested and degraded ecosystems over the next ten years. The plan calls for the restoration of more than two billion hectares, an area larger than South America.

EU Imports Of Wood Products Rise

The total value of EU imports of wood products reached 19.44 billion euros in 2018, an increase of 5.1%. This is the highest annual import value recorded since just before the global financial crisis in 2008.

VIDEO: Old Footage Promotes The Sustainability Of Forestry

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