May 22, 2024

DHA Opposes EPA's Proposed Formaldehyde Limit

This Week's Insights

I loved seeing everyone last week at DHA’s annual meeting in Scottsdale. We had several new and many returning members and covered a wide range of topics key to our industry including the economy, policy, trade, and the EU Deforestation Regulation. Save the date for our next annual meeting: May 13–15, 2025, in San Antonio.

During our annual meeting, we elected new leadership, including Kyle Evans of Mullican as Chairman of the Board, Garrett Keil of Murphy Company as Vice Chair, and Rocky Boucher of Columbia Forest Products as Immediate Past Chair. Thank you all for your leadership.

Leadership is essential as we address the many challenges facing our industry. Last week, DHA commented on EPA’s Formaldehyde Draft Risk Evaluation. Our biggest concern is the proposed occupational exposure limit that would be set at what is essentially background level, implying that workers may have to wear respirators at work and then go home to higher levels inside their own homes (and yes, even human breath). This is illogical and could result in new regulations in the coming years.

If you have questions or comments, contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Keith A. Christman, President
Decorative Hardwoods Association

DHA Opposes EPA's Proposed Formaldehyde Limit

DHA officially opposed the proposed occupational formaldehyde exposure limit in EPA's Formaldehyde Draft Risk Evaluation in comments, as the proposed limit of 11 parts per billion is essentially a background level of formaldehyde. The Hardwood Federation and National Wood Flooring Association joined DHA in support of this position.

DHA agreed with EPA's conclusion that composite wood products, including hardwood plywood and engineered wood floors used in residential applications, do NOT contribute to unreasonable risk.

DHA Highlights Sustainable Forestry

In DHA's recent column in Surface & Panel Magazine, we highlighted the sustainable attributes of decorative hardwood products, including carbon storage and the efficient use of hardwoods to make veneer. The good news about using real hardwood is that it is an abundant resource that continues to grow.


DHA Advocates For Hardwoods In Farm Bill

The U.S. House of Representatives' version of the 2024 farm bill includes a "substantial increase" in funding for USDA's export programs and incentives for active forest management, prioritizing expanding markets for wood products and streamlining environmental review processes. The Senate version prioritizes food assistance and green initiatives. Hardwood Federation members, including DHA, will be lobbying for our industry's priorities this week during the Hardwood Federation’s annual Capitol Hill fly-in.

Hardwood Industry Leaders Push For Repeal Of Corporate Transparency Act

DHA and the Hardwood Federation joined nearly 100 trade associations that represent small businesses in pushing for the repeal of the Corporate Transparency Act. The bill that DHA supports would end the CTA's reporting requirements that target small businesses, associations, and family-owned companies.

House Working Groups Formed To Reauthorize Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

Ten working groups have been formed in the House Ways & Means Committee to study the 2017 tax reform law that is due to expire in 2025, focusing on the small business deduction. DHA supports the extension of these tax provisions to avoid a negative impact on the wood products industry.

U.S. Trade Representative Recommends Extending 301 Tariffs On Wood Products

In a sign of the continued bipartisan consensus about unfair trade with China, the Biden administration will impose $300 billion in tariffs on electric vehicles, microchips, and other goods from China. This action will also extend the Section 301 tariffs on hardwood plywood and engineered wood flooring.

U.S. Allows Wood-Related Transactions With Russian Banks

The U.S. Department of the Treasury announced that it will continue to allow U.S. companies to conduct energy-related transactions with major Russian banks. The term "energy-related" refers to oil, natural gas, coal, and wood or agricultural products used to make biofuels and other products.

Illegal Russian Plywood Is Still Entering The EU

The economic sanctions imposed on Russia after it attacked Ukraine should have prevented plywood from both Russia and Belarus from reaching the European market. Analysis indicates that Russian plywood continues to be illegally exported to Europe through Kazakhstan, Turkey, and China.


Enter The Veneer Tech Craftsman's Challenge

The Veneer Tech Craftsman's Challenge, a celebration of excellence in veneer woodworking, is accepting entries through June 28. The Grand Prize winner will receive $1,500; other category winners will receive $500.

Sustainable Forestry Conference Is June 4–7

The 2024 Sustainable Forestry Initiative Annual Conference will be held June 4–7 in Atlanta, GA. This year's theme is "Forests for the Future: Nature and Community Grown Solutions."

New: Wind Turbine Blades Made Of Wood

A German start-up company is testing rotor blades for wind turbines that are made of laminated veneer lumber. LVL is used in the construction industry for highly stressed elements like beams or rafters. It's energy-efficient with an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. The wooden blades are very strong and, unlike conventional blades, easy to recycle.

Wood Products Play Critical Role In Cutting Carbon Emissions At 2024 Olympics

Timber and wood are being used in innovative ways to create sustainable venues and structures for the 2024 Olympics. The goal is to reduce carbon emissions by 30% vs. the 2012 Olympics.

LamTech Hosts Webinar On Sourcing

DHA member Laminate Technologies is leading a free webinar on Thursday, June 20, at 2:00 PM ET on how businesses can stay in compliance and protect their reputations while sourcing globally. Contact Mario Serra at for an invitation.

Forest Service Will Invest $478 Million In Forest Management

The funds include $250 million to help at-risk communities protect themselves from catastrophic wildfire, nearly $74 million for 171 projects under the Wood Innovations, Community Wood and Wood Products Infrastructure Assistance grants, and $154 million for Forest Legacy projects that will conserve approximately 168,000 acres of private forestlands.

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