May 14, 2020

DHA eNews - Woodworking Firms See Increasing Impact Of Coronavirus

Woodworking Firms See Increasing Impact Of Coronavirus

A Woodworking Network survey confirms that the impact of the pandemic on our industry continues to grow as more companies report a major or serious impact on their business. The breakdown: 35.7% of companies report a major impact; 40.9% a serious impact; 19.1% a minor impact; and 4.3% report no impact.

China's Economy Contracts For The First Time In Decades

In the first quarter of 2020, China's gross domestic product dropped 6.8% vs. a year ago, registering the worst performance since official reports of quarterly GDP began in 1992. China's general manufacturing index rebounded from a record low of 40.3 in February to 50.1 in March.

China's Imports Of U.S. Logs Rise; China's Exports Of Veneer & Plywood To Vietnam Grow
Wave Oglesby Retires From Columbia

Wave Oglesby has retired from Columbia Forest Products after 37 years of service. For the past four years, Wave has been in the leadership ranks of the Decorative Hardwoods Association where his guidance and strategic focus have made a lasting contribution to the association and our industry. Wave and his family plan to remain in Greensboro, NC. The fish and ducks there are on high alert now!

AHF Launches Home Shopping Resources

In the wake of COVID-19, AHF Products is launching two initiatives designed to create a better experience when shopping from home. The first is free delivery of flooring samples; the second includes three new online room visualizers that show shoppers how flooring colors and styles will look in their homes.

What Homeowners Want: Updated Kitchens

With so many homeowners currently confined in their homes, home improvement projects are soaring. A survey of 1,300 consumers found that 32% have taken on new home improvement projects. What they want: more space and updated kitchens.

In Spite Of COVID-19, Illegal Logging Continues In Myanmar

The pandemic has not slowed illegal logging in Myanmar. Two weeks after the government reported the country's first cases of coronavirus, authorities seized more than 840 tons of illegal timber. 

SFI's Revised Forestry Standards Now Open For Comment

Comments on SFI's drafts of its revised standards will be accepted from now through June 30. If approved, the updated standards will be published in January 2022.

Is There Enough Wood In The World?

Forests produce a sustainable raw material that the world is relying on for a low carbon future. The question: will there be enough wood to meet the demand? UN's Food and Agriculture Organization reported that global forest production reached record levels in 2018 - an increase of 11%.

Source: EcoWatch

Forest Markets Sustain Forest Health

Thailand's 1989 logging ban in all of its natural forests did not work well. Last year, Thailand changed regulations to help promote reforestation, allowing logging on private lands. This timber can now be used in families' woodworking shops and provides an incentive for owners to replant trees to maintain their supply of wood.

Brazil Will Open 38,000 Square Miles To Outsiders

President Jair Bolsonaro's government has introduced major changes to the country's indigenous land policy by opening new lands to outsiders. Critics fear that opening the 38,000 square miles could result in significant deforestation and irreversible climate change.

Source: EcoWatch

Emerald Ash Borer Expands Its Range

The range of the destructive emerald ash borer continues to grow. The insect has already added one more county in each of five states to its territory this year. Two more counties in Iowa have also confirmed sightings, as have three more couformation  in New Brunswick.

Climate Change Blamed As Bark Beetles Ravage Europe

The bark beetle is wreaking havoc across central Europe, as drought - caused by climate change - has weakened trees' natural defenses. The expanding infestation has forced forest owners to cut down wide swaths of trees throughout the Czech Republic, northern Austria, Bavaria, and Slovakia.

Experts Predict Worse Wildfires In Canada

Researchers are predicting worse wildfires in the western provinces of Canada this year. New projections show a higher fire risk from British Columbia to Northern Ontario starting in June. Some of the western provinces will face a threat of fire through September.

Those Who Cause Wildfires In BC Will Pay For Costs
Home Prices Increase 4.5% In March
Number Of Newly Listed Homes For Sale Plunge 44.1% In April
March Construction Spending 0.9% Higher Than February
Housing Starts In Canada Fall 12.4% In April
At 3.23%, Mortgage Rates Are The Lowest Ever Reported
Mortgages In Forbearance Increase To 7.54%
Consumer Sentiment Ticks Up 4% In May
Consumer Confidence In Housing Drops To Lowest Level Since 2008
NAHB Expects Unemployment Of 10% At Year-End
AHEC's Europe Market Report Shows Higher U.S. Exports Of Red Oak
New AHEC Report Demonstrates Sustainability Of U.S. Hardwood Products

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