April 01, 2021

DHA eNews - Vietnam's Wood Exports Skyrocket

Vietnam's Wood Exports Skyrocket

In January and February, Vietnam's exports of wood products rocketed to more than $2.4 billion. That's a 51% increase vs. the same period last year. Vietnam ended 2020 with $12.3 billion in wood exports, an increase of nearly 16% vs. 2019.

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Hardwood Flooring Imports Pour Into U.S.

In January, U.S. imports of hardwood flooring jumped by 25% as imports from China more than doubled. U.S. imports of engineered wood flooring rose by 23%, with imports from Thailand up by more than 50%.

Shaw Names New CEO

Shaw Industries Group has announced that Vance Bell will step down as CEO and transition to executive chairman, effective April 5. Tim Baucom will assume the role of CEO and keep his current role as president.

Timber Products Promotes Pat Lynch

Timber Products named Pat Lynch as vice president of sales, where he will oversee all hardwood, softwood, and international sales efforts. The reorganization of the management of the sales team will consolidate plywood sales leadership and improve collaboration.

Download HP-1-2020: The Standard For Hardwood Plywood

Order your copy of the popular American National Standard for Hardwood and Decorative Plywood today! ANSI/HPVA HP-1-2020 details the requirements for all face, back, and inner ply grades as well as formaldehyde emissions, moisture content, grade marking, and more.

WoodWorks Announces 2021 U.S. Wood Design Awards Winners
The "Earth's Lungs" Now A Net Greenhouse Gas Emitter

According to a study by 31 scientists, the Amazon Basin may be emitting more greenhouse gases than it absorbs. The study included greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrous oxide, aerosols, and black carbon as well as carbon dioxide.

Oregon Forestry Bill Muzzles Timber Industry

Senate Bill 335 would recast the seven-member Oregon forestry board by reducing the number of board members who can have financial ties to the timber industry. The bill would also dissolve three advisory committees to the board, which are alleged to be dominated by industry.

Tree Seedling Shortage Hampers Reforestation In Oregon

In Oregon, demand for seedlings has been high for years. After last year's wildfires, nurseries can't keep up with demand. The Oregon Forest Practices Act requires reforestation within two years of a harvest or a wildfire and some forest owners are struggling to meet that deadline.

Russia May Use A Forest Bigger Than India As Carbon Offset

Much of Far East Russia is so remote that it is occupied mostly by animals. Russia, the world's largest exporter of energy - and one of the biggest polluters - has indicated an interest in expanding and better managing its Far East forests as a demonstration of its interest in fighting climate change.

Winners Announced In International Day Of Forests Photo Contest

FAO Forestry celebrated the International Day of Forests on March 21 with a photo contest. More than 700 photographs were submitted from 70 countries, illustrating the ways in which trees contribute to people's well-being throughout the world.

PODCAST: The State Of Natural Resources In Myanmar After The Military Coup

The EIA provides an overview of the situation in the country and the implications for importers of teak from Myanmar.

The Best Guardians Of Forest: Indigenous Peoples

A UN report shows why and how indigenous peoples are the best protectors of the Amazon.

Source: The Thomson Reuters Foundation

Researchers Harvest Electricity From Wood

Swiss scientists have chemically modified wood to make it more compressible. The result: wood becomes a mini-generator. The Swiss research team, from public university ETH Zurich and federal laboratory Empa, is focused on enhancing the properties of wood for creative new applications.

U.S. Housing Starts Falter As Weather Impedes Momentum
Single-Family Permits See Strong Gains
Housing Starts In Canada Decline 13.5%
Existing Home Sales Fall To Six-Month Low Due To Tight Inventory
U.S. Forest Industry, Manufacturing Continue To Expand
Increase In Interest Rates Prices Out More Than 1.3 Million Households
Rising Costs, Interest Rates, & Supply Shortages Depress Builder Sentiment
Construction Employment Falls In 63% Of Metro Areas
Expect The Furniture Industry To Grow By 4% This Year
Tree History: Test Your Forest Knowledge

Just how old is the oldest tree in the world - and what species is it?

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