January 07, 2021

DHA eNews - Vietnam Denies High-Risk Illegal Wood Trade

Vietnam Denies High-Risk Illegal Wood Trade

The Vietnamese wood products industry and its U.S. importers have denied the U.S. Trade Representative's allegations of unfair trade. Instead, they cite Vietnam's recent progress in combatting illegal logging, claiming that certification standards are adequate safeguards and that if there is illegal wood, it's in the domestic market and not for export. Vietnam and U.S. importers of Vietnamese wood products favor bilateral dialogue and voluntary cooperation as tools to prevent illegal logging.

Decorative Hardwoods Association has filed rebuttal comments.

Europe Flooded With Illegal Wood From Billion-Dollar Russian Scheme

More than 100,000 tons of illegal lumber has entered the European market, all linked to the Russian timber giant BM Group. The company is led by Russian tycoon Alexander Pudovkin, who now faces criminal charges of bribery and corruption. PEFC, a major timber accreditation body, has been criticized for "greenwashing" BM Group's exports.

Canada Launches Investigation Into Upholstered Seating From China & Vietnam

In response to complaints from Canadian furniture companies, the Canadian Border Services Agency announced that it has launched an investigation to determine if upholstered furniture from China and Vietnam is being sold at unfair prices in Canada. A decision on the investigation is scheduled to occur by February 19.

Commerce Finds AD/CVD Rates On Chinese Mouldings

The U.S. Department of Commerce announced final affirmative determinations on wood mouldings and millwork imported from China. The resulting antidumping duties are 33.87% and the countervailing duty (subsidy) rate is 20.56%. The USITC will make a final determination on injury to the U.S. industry before these rates become effective.

Japan Cuts Off Imports Of Tropical Logs

Japan, formerly the world's biggest consumer of tropical logs, is likely to stop importing them entirely.

Facing China's Trade Ban, Australian Timber Companies Look To India

As a result of China's trade ban, Australian timber companies are turning to India as a new market for timber.

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White Oak Initiative’s Sustainability Efforts

Private landowners, universities, state and federal agencies, conservation organizations, trade associations, and forest industries formed the White Oak Initiative to increase the amount of white oak timber stands available in the future.

Beetles & Drought Slam Canada's Boreal Forest

A new documentary shows that Canada’s boreal forest, Borealis, is in trouble. A drone flying over Jasper National Park in Alberta showed that most of the trees are dead because of the mountain pine beetle.

Canada Plans To Plant 2 Billion Trees

Canada's Minister of Natural Resources announced a plan to plant two billion trees over ten years, investing $3.16 billion to reduce carbon pollution and to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for the country by 2050.

40% Of World’s Forests Have High Preservation Value

The Forest Landscape Integrity Index, created by 47 global conservation and forest experts, shows the ecological integrity of forests. Most high-integrity forests are in Canada, Russia, the Amazon, Central Africa, and New Guinea - and few are in protected areas.

BP Buys Majority Stake In U.S. Forest Carbon Offset Develope

Finite Carbon, established in 2009, is the largest developer of forest carbon offsets in North America with 50 projects on three million acres. BP initially invested in Finite Carbon in 2019. Now, BP has become the majority owner of the company. BP's investment appears to align with its efforts to advocate for a price on carbon.

Listen In On Forests Around The World

Need a break? People around the world recorded the soothing sounds of their local forests so that others could escape into nature, even while in quarantine.

Worth The Read: The Age Of Wood

Wood has been the most useful material in the construction of civilization, notes biologist Roland Ennos. His new book, packed with interesting details and insights, highlights how wood is central to human history. The author is a professor at England's University of Hull and a specialist in the mechanical properties of trees.

A Fascinating Wood Flooring Timeline: From Ancient Times To Today

There is evidence of resins from wood sap being used as adhesives that dates back to 4000 BC. People may have used wood planks for flooring as early as 1600 BC. Craftsmen likely began to refine the art of veneer and marquetry by 1050 BC.

Capital Testing Expands Test Services In Q1

Capital Testing (formerly HPVA Laboratories®) will expand physical test services in the first quarter of this year to better serve a broad base of clients. Additions include a slip resistance tester, accelerated weathering machine, impact resistance tester, and more. These add to the laboratory's extensive suite of physical properties tests that use its universal testing machine, Taber abraser, and variable environmental chambers, and complement its fire and formaldehyde emissions tests. For more information, contact the team at experts@capitaltesting.org.

Download The HP-1-2020 Standard For Hardwood Plywood

Order your copy of the latest American National Standard for Hardwood and Decorative Plywood today! ANSI/HPVA HP-1-2020 details specific requirements for all face, back, and inner ply grades as well as formaldehyde emissions, moisture content, grade marking, and more.

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