December 02, 2021

DHA eNews - U.S. Veneer & Log Exports Rise Dramatically In 2021

U.S. Veneer & Log Exports Rise Dramatically In 2021

U.S. veneer exports have grown to 148 million square meters this year, up 30% vs. last year. The value of veneer exports has already reached $235 million, 33% higher than last year.

2021 U.S. log exports are at 1.56 million cubic meters with a value of $634 million, up 24% in volume and 32% in value vs. last year.

EU Imposes Anti-Dumping Measures On Russian Plywood

The European Commission has approved permanent import duties on birch plywood from Russia. This action will force Russian producers to pursue other markets.

Global Shipments Still Delayed

In Q3, the average global shipment required 12 additional days to complete, 23% longer than last year. The most significant delays were between booking and arrival to the gate at the port, which took 43% longer, and ocean transit time, which took 36% longer.

Canada "Disappointed" With Final U.S. Tariffs On Softwood

The U.S. government has announced that the final combined anti-dumping and countervailing duty rate for most Canadian softwood producers is 17.9%.

U.S. Infrastructure Package Funds Forest Health

The House infrastructure bill passed the first week in November quadruples funding for reforestation projects in national forests. In addition, the bill includes a system for subsidizing sawmills near forest rehab sites and helping manufacturers reduce waste and pollution as well as several provisions related to trucking.

Source: Forest Resources Association

U.S. & China Pledge To Ban Imports From Illegal Deforestation

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Glasgow (COP26) brought renewed attention to fighting deforestation and forest degradation. The U.S. and China promised to "engage collaboratively in support of eliminating global illegal deforestation through effectively enforcing their laws on banning illegal imports."

Download Your Copy: The Standard For Legal Timber Due Diligence

Protect your supply chain - and your company - by following the American National Standard for Due Diligence in Procuring/Sourcing Legal Timber and the companion plug-and-play management system to ensure your internal due diligence quality assurance program excludes illegal timber.

See The 24 Trending Finishes For 2022

Sherwin-Williams has just released the new 2022 Colormix® Industrial Wood Forecast showing 24 trending finishes developed exclusively for wood product manufacturers.

Wood Awards 2021 Celebrate Great Wood Design

The Wood Awards 2021 winners - six buildings and two products - have been recognized as the year’s best structures made out of wood.

Woodworking Industry's Workforce Struggles

A new study of the U.S. and Canadian woodworking industry shows that the shortage of production workers continues to increase at an alarming rate with no end in sight. Nearly 75% of the woodworking representatives surveyed said that they find it "very challenging" to hire qualified workers for their manufacturing operations.

Supply Chain Issues Force Cabinet Company To Close

The owner of William Penn Cabinetry said that the slowdown in the global supply chain and customer non-payment has forced him to close his business and put 80 employees out of work.

Misconceptions About Conservation Make Hardwoods A Hard Sell In The U.S.

Timber harvesting is the driver behind Pennsylvania's top exported agriculture commodity: forest products. Not everyone, however, is on board. Hardwood officials say that public opposition to logging is a "major concern" that hampers the industry and the jobs it creates.

British Columbia Plants 1 Billion Trees Since 2018

301 million trees were planted in British Columbia this year, bringing the total to more than one billion trees planted since 2018. The province intends to plant another 265 million trees next year.

Why Toronto Will Plant Native Trees

Toronto plans to add 250,000 trees to its canopy in the next 10 years and will invest in native species like oak, maple, and cherry. Right now European buckthorn, an invasive species, is the most abundant species in the city. It can take over a forest and stop the reproduction of native species like oaks and maples.

New Legislation Helps Private Forest Owners Benefit From Carbon Storage

If managed well, private forests could capture and store 35% of the carbon dioxide emissions needed for the U.S. to reach its 2030 goal to cut emissions. The new legislation includes a tax credit for private forestland owners.

Single-Family Permits Up
New Home Sales Flat
U.S. Housing Starts Slow As Single-Unit Projects Decline
Canadian Housing Starts Continue To Trend Lower
2021 Already A Record Year For Canadian Home Sales
Home Prices Grow By Double Digits In 78% Of Metro Areas
U.S. Hardwood Flooring Imports Slow
Affordability Remains At Lowest Level Since 2012
Building Material Prices Post Record Increases
Consumer Prices Show Largest Gain In Three Decades
Single-Family Home Size Continues To Grow
Mortgage Applications Decrease 15.2%
Job Growth Accelerates: 531,000 Nonfarm Payrolls Added In October
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