October 08, 2020

DHA eNews - U.S. Opens Investigation Into Vietnam's Trade Practices

U.S. Opens Investigation Into Vietnam's Trade Practices

The U.S. Trade Representative initiated an investigation into Vietnam's trade practices on October 2. The USTR will look into two issues: how Vietnam has imported and used timber, which the USTR says was illegally harvested and traded, and whether Vietnam has undervalued its currency, making its products unfairly cheap abroad.

Howlett Addresses International Trade Commission

DHA President Kip Howlett addressed the U.S. International Trade Commission on October 6. He emphasized four key points about how U.S. trade agreements have affected the hardwood plywood, flooring, and wood products industries.

U.S. Appeals WTO Ruling On Canadian Lumber

The U.S. has appealed the ruling of a WTO panel in August that stated that U.S. duties on Canadian softwood lumber broke global trading rules. "This flawed report confirms [that] ... the WTO dispute settlement system is being used to shield non-market practices and harm U.S. interests," said U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

Dutch Authorities Block High-Risk Imports Of Chinese Plywood

The Dutch government ordered a Dutch company to stop all imports of tropical-faced plywood from Jiangsu High Hope Arser, one of the largest plywood exporters in China. The Environmental Investigation Agency writes, "This decision sets an important precedent in the effort to protect European markets from the import of illegal and high-risk tropical timber hidden behind complex supply chains."

Putin Demands Ban On Some Wood Exports

On September 30, Russian President Vladimir Putin pushed for a ban on the export of all untrimmed conifer and certain hardwood timber, beginning in 2022. Putin stated that this is necessary for "getting rid of the criminal component of the forest business and securing more comfortable work for responsible enterprises."

Coronavirus Updates

Recent updates and information about our industry include:

For more stories and the latest event changes and cancelations, see the DHA coronavirus news and resources pages.

See Seven Innovative Wooden Kitchens

Wood has long been used in kitchens. Now, architects and designers are reimagining the use of wood throughout kitchens in both subtle and bold ways. Get inspired by photos of seven unique designs.

USDA: Transparent Wood Is The "Window Of Tomorrow"

Transparent wood material was developed by the Forest Products Laboratory in collaboration with the University of Maryland and the University of Colorado. The USDA claims it can outperform glass.

Roseburg Announces Staff Changes

Roseburg Forest Products announced that Kara Herron has joined the company as strategic marketing manager and that Matthew Sally has been promoted to supply chain and logistics manager for the eastern region.

Source: Roseburg

Industry Leader John Prince Passes

John Prince passed away on August 29 at 95 years of age. John served as president of DHA (then, the Hardwood Plywood Manufacturers Association) from 1963-1964 and continued to serve on our board of directors, representing Georgia-Pacific, for decades. He was made a lifetime member of DHA in honor of his 29 years of service to the organization.

Real American Hardwood Coalition Launches

Decorative Hardwoods Association is one of the 27 founding members of the Real American Hardwood Coalition. The organization's primary goals are to grow markets, enhance consumer perceptions, generate new products, and improve industry stability.

Now Available For Download: New Decorative Hardwoods Grading Workshops

Everything you need to know to be a better salesperson or a savvy buyer: our grading workshops are the only comprehensive course on decorative hardwood plywood. Our new grading webinars include product construction, standards, species, grades, and much more.

Forest Fires Are Not At Historic Highs

The claim that 2020 is one of the worst years for wildfires is not true. If all available data is examined, the yearly averages between 1926 and 1952 were several times higher than the peaks of today.

Wildfires Revive Debate Over Spotted Owl

The wildfires ravaging the West Coast have renewed a debate in Oregon and Northern California over protections for the northern spotted owl. Some claim that preventing logging was a mistake, as thinned-out forests would have made the fires less destructive.

State Foresters Support New Wildfire Bill For Forest Management

NASF supports the "Emergency Wildfire and Public Safety Act of 2020," a bipartisan bill designed to streamline collaborative wildfire risk reduction projects and accelerate forest management near existing roads, trails, and transportation lines.

Amazon Nears Tipping Point, Experts Say

Due to the climate crisis, much of the Amazon rainforest could be close to switching from rainforest to savannah, researchers say. Fires and extended droughts can cause tree loss in rainforests and a subsequent shift to a savannah-like mix of woodland and grassland.

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