May 27, 2021

DHA eNews - U.S. Importers Drive Up The Price Of European Wood Products, Too

U.S. Importers Drive Up The Price Of European Wood Products, Too

Facing soaring U.S. lumber prices, U.S. importers are competing for - and winning - wood from Europe. The buying frenzy follows record American imports of forest products from Europe in 2020, when North American demand soared and caught sawmills off guard with low inventory. Lumber prices have quadrupled in just one year.

Cabinet Importers Evade U.S. Duties

In April 2020, the U.S. International Trade Commission found injury to the U.S. kitchen cabinet industry, establishing duties of 70% on imports of cabinets and vanities from China. According to MasterBrand, some importers are evading those duties by transshipping cabinets through Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

China's Construction Boom Sends Emissions Skyrocketing

China's plan to build its way out of the pandemic is sending its carbon emissions to new highs. According to analysts, China's carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and cement production grew by 14.5% in the first quarter of 2021 and were 9% higher than in the first quarter of 2019, pre-pandemic.

Deadline Approaches For Veneer Tech Craftsman's Challenge

Time is running out to enter the 2021 Veneer Tech Craftsman's Challenge for woodworking in veneer. Thousands of dollars in prizes include a grand prize of $3,000 and $1,000 each for winners of other categories. Don’t delay: entries must be submitted by June 7.

See The Winners Of The 2021 Wood Floor Business Design Awards

The winners of the 2021 Wood Floor Business Design Awards demonstrate both mastery of their craft and perseverance.

Get Your Free Copy Of DHA's Where To Buy

Download your free copy of the 100th Anniversary edition of the Decorative Hardwoods Association Where to Buy membership directory today. Designers, specifiers, architects, and more use the guide to find the hardwood plywood, engineered wood flooring, veneer, and machinery and supplies they need to create beautiful hardwood products. 

Capital Testing Expands Fire & Physical Testing

The experts at Capital Testing (formerly HPVA Laboratories®) are proud to announce that three new test methods have been added under their ISO 17025 scope of accreditation:

  • ISO 5660-1 assesses heat release and dynamic smoke production as well as time to ignition.
  • ASTM F1515 determines the resistance of resilient floor coverings to color change from exposure to light.
  • ANSI/HPVA HP-1, Section 4.4, which specifies a particular cyclic boil shear test for hardwood plywood panels.

For more information about these test methods or to request a quote, contact Capital Testing.  

U.S. Proposes Significant Increase In Forest Management To Combat Forest Fires

he U.S. government has proposed to double or even quadruple the pace at which it thins and removes dead wood from its forests. Per the USDA, "Forest Service and other research scientists have determined that this current level of treatment is not enough to keep pace with the scale and scope of the wildfire problem."

Oregon Launches Controversial Forestry Experiment

The project, proposed by researchers at the College of Forestry at Oregon State University, will study how best to balance timber production with conservation. It is planned for the Elliott State Forest in Oregon and would be the largest forestry experiment in the U.S.

Forests The Size Of France Have Grown Back Since 2000

A new study estimates that estimates 146 million acres of forest - an area about the size of France - have regrown throughout the world in the last 20 years.

NW Tussock Moth Infestation Dies Out

An infestation of Tussock moths appears to have died out after wreaking havoc among Douglas fir trees for two years. The parasites defoliated more than 7,000 acres across three counties in Washington State.

When The Tree-Planting Frenzy Uses Bad Science

Planting millions of trees is thought of as one of the key ways to rein in carbon emissions and address climate change. However, experts note that many tree-planting campaigns are based on flawed science, such as planting trees in grasslands and non-forest areas and choosing invasive trees instead of native trees.

Climate Change Interferes With The Wind Trees Need To Reproduce

A new study shows how wind patterns affect the exchange of DNA between tree populations, suggesting that wind strength and wind direction are factors that help mold the genetic makeup of forests.

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Tree Poaching Increases In B.C. Public Forests

As timber prices reach record levels, hardwoods and softwoods are being targeted by tree poachers in British Columbia. Recent prices for B.C. lumber reached $1,600 for 1,000 board feet - compared to about $300 one year ago.

U.S. Residential Housing Starts Fall 9.5%
Single-Family Housing Permits Rise
Home Prices Increase In 99% Of U.S. Metro Areas
New Home Lot Inventory Falls 24.2%
Canada's Housing Starts Drop 19.8%
Investment In Building Construction Up 5.9% In Canada
Hardwood Flooring Imports Reach Two-Year High
Construction Cools As Costs Climb
Nonfarm Payroll Employment Rises, But Only By 266,000
Experts Forecast Real GDP Growth Of 8-9% In Q2, 6.4% For 2021
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