September 22, 2022

DHA eNews - Tariffs On China Remain In Place—For Now

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Top stories this week include the U.S. Trade Representative's decision to continue Section 301 tariffs on China after receiving a flood of comments supporting the extension. The Coalition for Fair Trade in Hardwood Plywood and the American Multilayer Hardwood Floors Manufacturers Coalition—both of which include several DHA members—filed comments urging the continuation of the 25% tariffs on Chinese products.

U.S. imports of hardwood plywood are up 61% in value and 28% in volume through July. Although imports from Russia have declined about 11% in volume so far this year, the value of those imports is still up 68%. Imports of Russian hardwood plywood totaled nearly $9 million in July, down from an average of nearly $45 million per month from January through April.

While housing markets are clearly slowing in response to higher interest rates, kitchen cabinet sales are still rising—up nearly 20% in July. It's good to see continued strength in this important market.

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Keith A. Christman, President
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Photo © Office of the U.S. Trade Representative

Tariffs On China Remain In Place—For Now

The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative reported that it will continue the Section 301 tariffs on Chinese goods, after numerous comments from domestic companies urging it to keep the tariffs in place. When the USTR receives requests to continue tariffs, Section 301 directs it to keep the tariffs in place while it conducts a more extensive review.

U.S. Imports Of Hardwood Plywood Climb 61%

U.S. imports of hardwood plywood increased 61% in value and 28% in volume through July. Volume from Indonesia, the top source of U.S. imports, rose by more than 39%, while imports from Vietnam, the second highest source, soared by 65%. Russia remains the third highest source. China, assessed with high antidumping duties, dropped to number ten.

Value Of U.S. Imports Of Russian Hardwood Plywood Jumps 68%

The value of U.S. imports of Russian plywood jumped 68% to $214 million through July. These increases in the value of Russian imports occurred despite an 11% decrease in volume. Imports of Russian hardwood plywood have slowed considerably since April when tariffs of 50% were imposed.

Russia's Wood Industry Pushes For Sky-High Tariffs On Imported Furniture

Russian woodworking and furniture companies petitioned their government to assess tariffs as high as 60% on imported furniture and related materials. Countries considered to be pro-Russia would face duties of only 10%.

Kitchen Cabinet Sales Increase In July

KCMA reported an increase in cabinet sales of nearly 20% in July vs. the same period last year. However, cabinet sales fell 12.5% vs. June. Year-to-date sales are still up nearly 16% vs. last year. 

Amazon Recognizes LEVEL Certification For Furniture

BIFMA's LEVEL certification has been officially recognized by the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Program as a sustainable label for furniture products. Manufacturers with LEVEL-certified furniture can now promote this on Amazon.

AHF Products Closes Plant, Shifts Production

AHF Products has announced that it will stop manufacturing flooring at its plant in Titusville, PA. The production of solid and engineered wood flooring will be moved to plants in Beverly, WV, Somerset, KY, and Only, TN.

Roseburg Provides $50 Million For Community Relief Fund

80 survivors of California's Mill Fire have already received direct financial assistance from Roseburg's $50 million Community Relief Fund. Fund administrators are helping people affected by the Mill Fire cover immediate needs like housing, transportation, food and clothing, and medical care. 

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Oregon Court Denies Appeal In $1 Billion Timber Lawsuit

The Oregon Supreme Court has chosen not to hear an appeal in the $1 billion lawsuit between thirteen counties and Oregon's Department of Forestry. The dispute was over timber revenue and what "the greatest permanent value" means in forest management. The counties disappointed by the decision argued that the ruling will increase fire risk and starve rural communities of revenue needed for their schools, libraries, hospitals, public safety, and other services.

Source: ABC News

EU Parliament Passes New Forest Strategy

The new EU forest strategy recognizes the ability of wood products to both store carbon and substitute for more carbon-intensive materials, said the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries. However, the Confederation of the European Paper Industries said the new strategy could hinder the forest workers responsible for the sustainable management of European and global forests.

4 Species Of Trees Are At Risk In Quebec

New research by conservationists warns of the risk of massive tree extinction. Researchers examined 78 species of trees in Quebec and determined that white ash, eastern hemlock, butternut, and American elm are at risk of extinction.

Europeans Think Businesses Don't Protect Forests

Highlighting the importance of producing sustainable and legal forest products, a recent poll shows that 82% of Europeans think businesses should not sell products that destroy the world's forests. 78% believe that governments should ban products that cause deforestation.

Oregon Receives Millions For Wood Products Research

The Build Back Better Regional Challenge awarded a grant of more than $41 million to the Oregon Mass Timber Coalition. As part of the award, the TallWood Design Institute, a collaboration between the University of Oregon and Oregon State University, will receive a total of $24.6 million.

Source: JAM'N 107.5


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