September 24, 2020

DHA eNews - South Korea Issues Antidumping Ruling Against Vietnam

South Korea Issues Antidumping Ruling Against Vietnam

South Korea's trade commission has established antidumping duties of up to 10.65% for five years against Vietnamese plywood producers for causing damage to South Korean manufacturers. The ruling states that Vietnamese plywood was imported at lower than normal prices, resulting in a decline in market share, employment, and operating profit of South Korean companies.

Vietnam's Exports Of Wood Products Rise

Vietnam exported more than $7.3 billion of wood and wood-based products through August, up 9.6% compared to the first eight months of 2019. The government plans to reap $12.5 billion from exporting wood and wood products this year.

HMTX Sues U.S. Over Tariffs On Imports From China

HMTX Industries is suing the U.S. government over the imposition of Section 301 tariffs on imports from China under List 3. The company claims that the U.S. Trade Representative's actions violated the Trade Act of 1974. The tariffs in question went into effect in September 2018. Approximately 2,500 companies have filed similar lawsuits.

WTO Says U.S. Violated Trade Rules With Tariffs On China

A World Trade Organization panel stated that U.S. tariffs imposed on Chinese goods violate international trade rules. The Trump administration is expected to appeal the ruling. 

Coronavirus Updates

Recent news and stories about our industry include:

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Columbia Announces PureBond Quality Award Winners

Columbia Forest Products has named the winners of this year's PureBond Quality Awards competition. Among the winners are seven fabricators in five states: California, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, and Washington.

AHEC "Connected By Design" Project Is Off The Charts

The AHEC red oak, cherry, and maple project launched in early September as part of the London Design Festival. "Connected by Design" has drawn more than 8,000 views less than one week after its launch.

Armstrong Flooring Begins Work On New Headquarters Campus

Armstrong Flooring will add two adjacent buildings totaling 60,000 square feet to its new corporate headquarters in Lancaster, PA. The two buildings will house approximately 200 employees. The company will also add a 30,000-square-foot technical center for about 60 employees from its new product development, innovation, and engineering teams.

Read Columbia's Analysis Of The Hardwood Plywood Market

Hardwood plywood volumes are up nearly 4% so far in 2020. In the first six months, China's hardwood plywood output declined 53.4%, while the rest of the world increased output by 9%.

Capital Testing Offers Fall Discount On Fire & Physical Testing

The experienced technicians at Capital Testing (formerly HPVA Laboratories®) are offering a discount this fall for eNews subscribers and website visitors: 10% off all fire and physical testing services. For the promotional code and more details, visit the Capital Testing website.

The Effect Of Forest Fires On Carbon Offsets & More

An Oregon forest, originally expected to store carbon for 100 years, is now on fire. Read on for how experts believe this will play out - and for how Native Americans used fire as a tool to protect and cultivate land.

Source: History

Drones Can Help Restore Scorched Forestlands

By winter, more than five million acres of forestland will have burned in California, Oregon, and Washington. With today's technology, two operators equipped with drones can plant trees 150 times faster and up to 10 times cheaper than an experienced and energetic tree planter.

Wasps Join The Fight Against Ash Borer

A Rhode Island entomologist and her students are participating in a national program to combat the emerald ash borer using three species of small parasitic wasps reared in a national lab in Michigan.

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