August 10, 2023

DHA eNews - Real American Hardwood Coalition Expands Hardwood Ad Campaign

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The Real American Hardwood® Coalition, supported by DHA and many other hardwood industry associations and members, has been hard at work for more than two years to develop and launch a consumer campaign highlighting the beauty and benefits of hardwoods. In early August, the coalition officially launched its new Build Your World™ advertising campaign to promote Real American Hardwood® flooring, cabinetry, furniture, and millwork. In partnership with Magnolia Network, the integrated digital campaign will run through January 29, 2024, and will reach 93 million people.

This campaign is important to our industry's future as customers are confronted with a range of fake wood products, such as vinyl plank flooring and laminated cabinets, that use plastics and coated paper products to try to mimic the authentic beauty of hardwoods. Distinguishing Real American Hardwood® from fakes helps protect customers while promoting the enduring value and beauty of real wood.

If you have questions or comments, contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Keith A. Christman, President
Decorative Hardwoods Association

Real American Hardwood Coalition Expands Hardwood Ad Campaign

The Real American Hardwood Coalition has launched the Build Your World™ advertising campaign in partnership with Magnolia Network. The campaign will promote Real American Hardwood® flooring, cabinetry, furniture, and millwork and is designed to run through January 29, 2024. The campaign will run on the Magnolia Network channel, as well as on Magnolia and Discovery+ digital streaming platforms.

U.S. Imports Of Hardwood Plywood Soar By 60% In May

U.S. imports of hardwood plywood rose by 60% in volume in May from the January to April average, but remain down 60% in volume and 67% in value year-to-date through May, after growing by 12% in value last year to $2.1 billion. Among large sources, imports from Vietnam fell the most, down by 79% vs. the same period last year. However, monthly imports from Vietnam and Indonesia grew in April and May, indicating that the downward trend may be reversing.

U.S. Imports Of Engineered Wood Flooring Up By 6%

The value of U.S. imports of multilayered wood flooring grew by 11% last year. In May 2023, the volume of those imports rose 6% from the January to April average, reversing the downward trend from earlier in the year. Year-to-date imports dropped by more than 38% in value, with declines across nearly all sources.

Cabinet Sales Volume Drops By 13%

The volume of cabinet sales dropped by more than 13% through June. However, cabinet manufacturers reported an increase in revenue from cabinets of 4.4%. June revenue grew by 4.5% vs. May but is still down by 3% vs. last year. 

Russia’s Plywood Production Declines Again

In the first six months of 2023, Russia's production of plywood declined by 16.4% to a total of 1.6 million cubic meters. In 2021, Russia produced a record 4.5 million cubic meters; that dropped to 3.2 million cubic meters in 2022 primarily due to the sanctions imposed after Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Veneer Tech Announces Challenge Winners

Veneer Tech named a new set of champions in the 2023 Craftsman's Challenge. Dennis Zongker was awarded the grand prize for his art deco-style music box. Steven Lash won two awards for his marquetry of cubes ladies' desk. See these winners and more beautiful woodwork in categories ranging from architectural woodwork to furniture.

Recent Advances & Innovation In Wood Flooring

The origins of wood floorings trace back to the 1600s. Early wood floors were unfinished and laid directly over dirt. So much has changed: see the five areas where innovation has reshaped the wood flooring industry.

Oregon Fire Grows By 1,000 Acres Every Day

The Bedrock Fire now covers more than 13,000 acres in the Willamette National Forest. It's spreading east and north, burning through nearly 1,000 acres per day. More than 700 firefighters are battling the blaze, including those from the Oregon Department of Forestry and private firefighters.

Source: Watch Duty

A Prescribed Burn Started NM Wildfire

The U.S. Forest Service reported that a prescribed burn was the cause of a sprawling wildfire in 2022 that nearly reached Los Alamos, NM. That burn became a holdover fire, smoldering undetected under wet snow for months until it resurfaced to spread quickly in dry, windy conditions.

Old Forests May Be Losing Their Ability To Hold Carbon

A new USDA report suggests that eventually, U.S. forests could worsen global warming instead of reducing it, as forests are being destroyed by natural disasters and losing their ability to absorb planet-warming gases as they age. A possible solution: "More aggressive forest management can help by cutting down a small portion of aging forests to make ways for younger trees that absorb more carbon."

U.S. Law Would Ban Some Purchases Of Farmland

By an overwhelming majority, U.S. senators approved an amendment to a bill that would prohibit China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia from purchasing U.S. farmland. One of the eleven sponsors of the amendment said, "In recent years, our country has seen firsthand attempts by our peer competitors to acquire land adjacent to our military bases."

Scientists Are Skeptical Of Lawmakers' Push To Plant 1 Trillion Trees

New research casts doubt on the climate strategy pushed by some federal legislators, finding that planting one trillion trees would have a minimal effect on combating climate change. One reason is the long lag time for trees to reach maturity and absorb large amounts of carbon.

Cleveland Foundation Unveils New Mass Timber Headquarters

Last month, the Cleveland Foundation unveiled its new headquarters. The striking, modern venue was built using mass timber, a more environmentally friendly approach. The building's facade and many of its surfaces showcase natural maple wood.

Tree Bark As Biofuel

Tree bark, typically considered a waste product, is now being recognized as a valuable resource for biofuel production. Converting the lignin into bio-oil is an energy-efficient process that results in a renewable energy source that would help reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

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