November 14, 2019

DHA eNews - This New SuperCar Is Made Of Wood - Really

This New SuperCar Is Made Of Wood - Really

Japan's Ministry of Environment has built a new supercar made of wood. The car's body is made of nano cellulose fibers, which weigh one-fifth as much as steel and are five times as strong. The car is half the weight of a traditional car, with a 10% overall reduction in mass.

New Trends In Kitchen Cabinet Colors

Designers have chosen the top kitchen cabinet colors for 2020, which range from matte black and navy blue to gray. White is not on the list. See the seven up-and-coming shades these designers are obsessed with.

Indonesia: Duties Erased On Lauan Plywood

The U.S. International Trade Commission recommended cutting duties down to zero on thin lauan plywood imported from Indonesia. The U.S. Trade Representative granted this along with more than 90% of other requests.

New Zealand Sees New Opportunities In China

The just-announced phased reduction of tariffs for wood and paper exports to China will help shift New Zealand exports of timber to more highly processed products.

China’s Plywood Industry Consolidates

Production capacity increased in China's plywood production facilities in 2018 as the total number of plywood plants declined by 4.6% to 5,300, with the loss primarily of small plants. There are only about 65 large enterprises or enterprise groups that produce plywood products. 

Vietnam To Exceed Export Target

Vietnam's timber and forestry sector, which has performed well since the beginning of the year, is on track to gain $11 billion in export revenue in 2019, exceeding the original target of $10.5 billion.

Global Wooden Furniture Market To Grow 32%

The global wooden furniture market is expected to grow by 32%, from $395 billion in 2018 to more than $580 billion in 2025. Experts predict that more and more consumers will choose to buy their wooden furniture online. 

Roseburg Opens New Plant

Roseburg Forest Products recently celebrated the grand opening of their new plant in Chester, SC. The facility will produce laminated veneer lumber headers and beams used in residential and commercial construction.

Guardian Of Brazilian Rainforest Killed

Paulo Guajajara, a member of a group of armed indigenous "guardians of the forest" who patrol the rainforest to stop illegal logging, was shot on November 1 by rogue loggers. He was 26 years old. More than 300 deaths have been linked to illegal logging in the last decade.

Old Cellphones Detect Illegal Logging

Treetop surveillance systems that use recycled cellphones and artificial intelligence software have been effective in catching illegal loggers in the act and stopping the theft of valuable hardwood in West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Voluntary Palm Oil Certification Group Under Scrutiny

The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) label, designed to show that palm oil is not connected to the destruction of rainforests, is under fire from the EIA for false claims.

Canada Housing Starts Fall 8.7% In October
Lower Mortgage Rates Push U.S. Housing Affordability To Highest Level In 3 Years
Mortgage Applications Down Slightly
House Price Index Shows Improved Affordability
GDP Beats Forecast, Rising 1.9% In Q3
Nova Scotia Bat Population Recovers Slowly After Being Decimated By White Nose Syndrome
Spotted Owl Won't Be Listed As Endangered
USFWS Proposes Threatened Status For Pacific Fisher
UGA Warnell School Of Forestry Promotes Exporting Its Market-Based Approach For Sustainable Forest Management

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