October 31, 2019

DHA eNews - Happy Halloween: It's Bat Week

Happy Halloween: It's Bat Week

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U.S. Hardwood Lumber Industry Hit Hard

Chinese tariffs on red oak, walnut, and other hardwood lumber have resulted in steep losses: nearly 50% of total industry revenue since 2017. The largest North American supplier of hardwood is closing its Washington sawmill, laying off all 70 employees, and closing another mill in Virginia. 

U.S. Still Major Supplier Of Hardwood Logs To China

Through Q3, China imported more than 67% of its oak logs from France, Russia, and the U.S. (13%). Imports of cherry, black walnut, and maple came from the U.S. (78%) and Canada (19%). Total Chinese log imports exceeded $44 billion; the U.S. was China's fourth-largest supplier at 6.8%.

Massive China-Russia Timber Center Established

A China-Russia timber processing center was recently established in Suifenhe City, China. The 380,000-square-meter facility will become a timber distribution center and provide a wide range of related services.

The Future Of Canada's Forest Products With China

Canadian exports of lumber to China have grown and now include higher-value products, in part due to partnerships with the Canada Wood Export Program to develop demand in China for higher-grade lumber.

American Hardwoods Make A Move Into Vietnam

More than 40 AHEC members participated in the recent VietnamWood show in Ho Chi Minh City, showing American timber producers' interest in and commitment to growing trade partnerships there.

Oregon Sued Over Forest Management

A trial began this month that could decide the fate of Oregon's state forests. 150 counties and districts in Oregon have brought a $1.4 billion breach-of-contact lawsuit against the State of Oregon, alleging mismanagement of the forestlands.

Forest Fires: A Global Threat

While forest fires in the Amazon and North America have dominated headlines, the fact is that forest fires have become a global threat. There have been three times more wildfires in the EU so far this year. The amount of land consumed by fires in Indonesia through September has already exceeded the amount burned in 2018.

Source: Timberbiz

AHF Products Adds New Flooring Collections

AHF Products has updated and relaunched its Natural Choice hardwood flooring line and added four new engineered wood flooring collections to its Bruce brand, including specially finished hickory, red oak, hard maple, and yellow birch.

30 Beautiful Plywood Interiors

More designers are choosing plywood to bring warmth and personality into homes and offices. See photos of thirty innovative plywood interiors from around the world.

Order Your Copy Of The Hardwood Plywood Handbook

The Decorative Hardwoods Association Hardwood Plywood Handbook is perfect for new members of your team: it provides a comprehensive visual introduction to hardwood plywood. The handbook covers the components and construction of panels and includes more than 100 photographs that demonstrate the range of appearances between and within grades as well as sample characteristics of hardwood plywood.

SFI Launches Standard Revision Process
U.S. Housing Starts & Permits Decline In September
Canadian Housing Market Expected To Recover
U.S. Foreclosures Fall To 13-Year Low
U.S. Existing Home Sales Down In September
Expect Home Improvement Boom To Fizzle
Evolutionary History Can Predict Impact Of Invading Insects

University of Washington researchers have developed a model that could help predict which nonnative insect invasions will be the most destructive. The model could be used to help experts better allocate resources to avoid widespread tree death.

Researchers Map Molecular Structure Of Wood To Improve Resilience
"Green Gold" Tree Could Combat Deforestation In Brazil

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