August 08, 2019

DHA eNews - Fraud Pervasive In U.S. Retail Of Forest Products

Fraud Pervasive In U.S. Retail Of Forest Products

Fraud and misrepresentation in forest supply chains are pervasive in the U.S., the world's largest importer of wood and wood furniture. Expert analysis of consumer products acquired from major U.S. retailers showed that 62% of tested products featured one or more fraudulent or misrepresented claims.

Illegal Timber Troubles In Peru, Gabon & The EU

The U.S. Trade Representative directed Customs & Border Protection to block future timber from a specific Peruvian exporter because of suspected illegal logging. Two Global Forestry Investments directors were charged with conspiracy to defraud and forgery, related to a scheme to promote investing in teak forests in Brazil. Suspected Chinese violations caused Belgian authorities to temporarily block timber from Gabon, related to illegal timber purchased from Chinese exporter Wan Chuan Timber Sarl.

Commerce Levies Countervailing Duties On Chinese RTA Cabinets

The U.S. Department of Commerce has levied countervailing duties on Chinese-made ready-to-assemble cabinets. Commerce preliminarily calculated subsidy rates of between 10.97 and 21.78 percent for four Chinese producers, 229.24 percent for Chinese producers who failed to cooperate with the investigation, and a 16.41 percent "all others" rate for most Chinese producers who cooperated with the investigation.

Howlett Discusses New Wood Flooring Duties

Kip Howlett, president of Decorative Hardwoods Association, discussed the recent increase in Chinese engineered hardwood flooring duties with Kemp Harr, publisher of Floor Focus Magazine.

Roseburg Reduces Workforce At Dillard

Roseburg Forest Products has laid off 90 employees, about one quarter of the staff, at its Dillard, OR plant due to continued unfavorable conditions in the North American plywood market.

AHF Opens New Headquarters

Flooring manufacturer AHF Products hosted a grand opening of its new headquarters in West Hempfield, PA with a log-cutting ceremony and tree planting. In the next few months, AHF will have new products launching in more than 4,500 U.S. retail locations. In addition, AHF added a Cambodian manufacturing plant which immediately doubled its manufacturing space from 12 million to 24 million square feet.

Pat Lynch Moves To Timber Products

Timber Products Company announced the appointment of Pat Lynch as International Business Manager. Pat, who has over 30 years of sales and leadership experience in the wood products industry, will begin his duties on August 19.

EPA Issues Final Rule To Address Technical Issues

The EPA has issued a final formaldehyde rule for composite wood products to address the technical issues raised by stakeholders, including those raised by HPVA Laboratories® (soon to be Capital Testing). Composite wood products still are required to meet emission standards, to be tested and certified, and to be sold with a label stating that they are TSCA Title VI certified. Finished goods containing composite wood products still must be sold with a label stating that they are TSCA Title VI compliant.

EU Formaldehyde Standard Needed

The EU needs to harmonize standards for formaldehyde, as only seven of the 28 EU countries have mandatory limits for formaldehyde emissions. As Germany is considering acting unilaterally, a unified limit for domestic and imported panels and furniture is urgently needed.

China Is Ravaging Siberia's Forests

As the Chinese continue to aggressively log forests in Siberia, tensions with Russia are rising. Hundreds of Chinese-operated sawmills have been built along the Trans-Siberian Railway. Species targeted for export to China include Siberian larch, Scots pine, and birch. China relies on Russian forests for timber, in part due to logging restrictions in China designed to preserve China's remaining forests.

The Amazon Nears A Tipping Point

There are a number of threats to the future of the Amazon: continued reduction in tree coverage, the warming climate, and the policies of Brazil's new president, Jair Bolsonaro. The government of Brazil has the power to either save or destroy the Amazon.

Source: The Economist

BC Forestry Faces Massive Downturn

Mountain pine beetles - which wiped out half of the timber in the region - and weak markets caused the closure of four sawmills in British Columbia. The forestry industry accounts for 35% of the earnings in the province.

Tree Species Selection May Change In West

Oregon State University researchers expect forest owners to adapt to climate change by gradually switching from Douglas fir to hardwoods and ponderosa pine, as Douglas fir is likely to be less productive in a warmer climate.

New Technique Detects Insect Infestation Early

A new terahertz imaging technique could help slow the spread of insect infestations by detecting insect damage early, when the damage is still inside the wood and before it becomes visible on the outside.

Canadian Furniture Retailers & Customers Choose Green

Canadian furniture retailers are working to capitalize on customers' preference for green products by demonstrating and communicating their companies' commitment to sustainability and the environment.

China Upgrades Standard For Laminated Floors

China has upgraded its standard for laminated floors, including the expansion rate of water absorption, locking strength, and formaldehyde, in order to improve its image and reputation in international markets.

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U.S. Imports Of Tropical Hardwood Veneer Down 23% In May
New-Home Sales Grow 7% In June
Existing Home Sales Fall 1.7% In June
New Construction Starts Up 9% In June
Home Prices Continue To Moderate In May
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