December 14, 2023

DHA eNews - DHA Insights: The Year In Review

This Week's Insights: The Year In Review

For the final eNews of 2023, we looked back on key stories, news, and DHA successes in 2023. One of the biggest developments of 2023 was the U.S. Department of Commerce's final determination, issued in July, that hardwood plywood exported from Vietnam is subject to the antidumping and countervailing duties on hardwood plywood from China. This ruling was an important win for the Coalition for Fair Trade in Hardwood Plywood.

Another important development was DHA's partnership with USDA, which resulted in a new study demonstrating the climate benefits of decorative hardwood products. DHA also played an important role in promoting and protecting real decorative hardwoods. In May 2023, we added our decorative hardwoods continuing education courses to a partner's platform; already, nearly 2,000 architects and designers have taken our courses. We are also proud of our success in challenging the labeling of laminate as "wood."

If recent history is any indication, 2024 will be an interesting year. I wish you all a happy holiday season with your family and friends and look forward to seeing you at our annual meeting in May—if not before.

If you have questions or comments, contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Keith A. Christman, President
Decorative Hardwoods Association


U.S. Extends Duties On Softwood Imports From Canada

On November 30, in the five-year sunset review, the U.S. International Trade Commission determined that the existing duties on imports of lumber from Canada will remain in place. USITC determined that "revoking the existing antidumping and countervailing duty orders on certain softwood lumber products from Canada would be likely to lead to continuation or recurrence of material injury within a reasonably foreseeable time." 

Lawmakers Push For Extension Of Key Tax Provisions

Nearly 150 U.S. Representatives signed a letter calling for action on expired and expiring tax provisions authorized by the Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017. Lawmakers seek to restore provisions that would help businesses, including 100% depreciation on equipment, the R&D Tax Credit, and full business interest deductions.

Hardwood Industry Advocates For Changes To EUDR

The Hardwood Federation and American Hardwood Export Council recently met with the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative to share concerns about the strict geolocation requirements in the EU Deforestation Regulation and how the EUDR will cause extreme hardship for U.S. wood, pulp, and paper product producers. USTR officials are keenly aware of the problems that the EU policy poses for the wood products sector.

AHF Expands Distribution Of LM Flooring

Expect to see more of DHA member AHF Products' LM Flooring brand. AHF expanded its partnership with Belknap–Haines to distribute LM Flooring in New England and relaunch the brand in the Southeast. The relaunch includes nine collections that feature white oak, red oak, American maple, and American hickory. LM Flooring, a manufacturer of engineered wood flooring, was acquired by AHF in 2019.

Armstrong Adds More Options For Veneer

DHA member Armstrong World Industries will increase the variety of its real-wood ceilings and planks for all types of interior spaces. Armstrong has added a new line as well as ten new options to four of its most popular legacy veneers.

Murphy Forges Marketing Alliance

DHA member Murphy Plywood has joined with Cascade Hardwood for the production and marketing of western red alder plywood and lumber. The new Emerald Color-Matched program is designed to benefit customers and significantly increase sales.

New Plan For Western State Forests Will Cut Harvest By 40%

State and federal agencies have developed a plan to cut the amount of timber harvested from Oregon's western state forests by up to 40% per year. This plan was specifically created to avoid lawsuits under the federal Endangered Species Act.

U.S. Invests $468 Million In Wildfire Resilience

In FY 2023, the Department of the Interior has invested more than $468 million from the BipartisanInfrastructure Law to reduce wildfire risk, mitigate impacts, and rehabilitate burned areas nationwide. The investment helps fund fuels management projects on more than 2.5 million acres, 30% more than last year.

Private Timberland Lost Billions Due To Wildfires

Wildfire and drought resulted in losses of $11.2 billion to privately owned timberland in California, Oregon, and Washington over the past two decades, reported researchers at Oregon State University. The new study concluded that drought reduced the economic value of timberland by about 1% and large wildfires reduced value by an additional 8.7% over the last two decades.

National Park Service Sued For Planting Trees

After wildfires devastated sequoia groves in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks, the National Park Service crafted a plan to replant with sequoia seedlings. Four organizations have sued NPS, stating that the plan violates the law by "planting in designated wilderness areas, where human involvement in the ecosystem is explicitly prohibited."

American Forests Partners With USFS On Reforestation

American Forests recently announced a $20 million agreement with the U.S. Forest Service to expand reforestation across millions of burned and degraded acres over the next five years. The partnership is designed to help with restoration planning and bolster reforestation.

Drones Assist With Tree Harvest

An Australian company is pioneering drone technology for harvesting trees. Recently, their six-meter heavy-duty drone was able to attach to a tree top, trim branches, and lift and transport the trunk.

Experts Agree On The Many Benefits Of Wood Flooring

Across industries, professionals agree that using wood adds beauty and numerous other benefits. The takeaway from a recent interview with an expert in feng shui: "If you’re looking for the flooring material that will bring you the most peace and harmony, choose wood." Feng shui is the ancient practice of arranging elements in an environment, like a home or office, to achieve harmony and balance with those who live and work there.

NBA Team Builds Mass Timber Training Center

The San Antonio Spurs opened a brand-new 138,900-square-foot practice facility in Texas. The facility is the largest mass timber training center in professional sports history.

U.S. New Home Sales Up By 18%
U.S. Pending Home Sales At Lowest Level Since 2001
Low Housing Starts Will Contribute To Weaker Demand For Building Products
Canadian Home Sales Increase By 1%
Canadian Housing Is In For A Slow Spring
Canada's GDP Declines By 0.3%
Home Prices Rise
Mortgage Rates Fall For 5th Straight Week
Expect Lower Home Prices, Mortgage Rates In 2024
U.S. International Trade Deficit Grows By 3.4%
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