March 06, 2024

DHA eNews – DHA & Hardwood Federation Oppose Change To Lacey Act

DHA Insights: March 7, 2024

DHA joined the Hardwood Federation in opposing proposed changes to the Lacey Act that would undermine enforcement of U.S. law by placing unreasonable timelines for clearing and releasing potential illegal imports. While we support greater efficiency and funding for Lacey enforcement to speed up the process, the proposed changes in H.R. 7157 are not the right approach.

The German Sawmill and Wood Industry Association recently reiterated its criticism of the European Deforestation Regulations (EUDR). The American Hardwood Export Council has raised concerns about these regulations since the beginning and is working to help U.S. exporters deal with the regulations. Don’t miss AHEC's presentation at DHA's Annual Meeting on the plan to address these challenging regulations.

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Keith A. Christman, President
Decorative Hardwoods Association

DHA & Hardwood Federation Oppose Change To Lacey Act

DHA and the Hardwood Federation are actively advocating against H.R. 7157, a bill that would significantly compress the time allotted to assess imports of wood products imports for violations of the Lacey Act, which bans the import of illegal timber, undermining enforcement. The House Natural Resources Committee indicated they have no plans to advance the bill at this time and are committed to working with those affected by illegal timber, including the U.S. wood industry.

Good News: Jobs In The Woods Act Will Be In The Farm Bill

Insiders tell us that provisions of the Jobs in the Woods Act, the bipartisan legislation created to address the labor shortage in the U.S. forestry industry by providing workforce training, will be included in the Rural Development title of the farm bill. That means it's likely to be signed into law.

Implementation Of EUDR Is Impossible, Says German Wood Industry

The German Sawmill and Wood Industry Association has clearly stated its criticism of the EU Deforestation Regulation in its current form. After the test phase for implementation and after the EU Supply Chain Directive again postponed a vote, the association repeated its critique, stating that there are clear legal and technical gaps in the EUDR and that "implementation of the EUDR is currently impossible."

Cabinet Sales Fall In 2023

In 2023, the volume of cabinet sales fell by 14.3% and dollar sales declined by 2.3%. December was no exception, with volume down by more than 17% vs. December 2022 and down by nearly 7% vs. November 2023.

KCMA Updates Environmental Stewardship Program

The Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association has updated its Environmental Stewardship Program. Companies seeking to certify as producing cabinets in an environmentally friendly manner will use the KCMA Carbon Calculator to calculate and report their carbon dioxide emissions. Certified companies must source at least 10% of electricity from renewable energy.

A New Era In Wood Flooring?

Innovators believe that LED-cured oils will transform the wood flooring industry. LED-cured oils are easy to apply and can be adjusted after curing without having to sand the floor or wait for dry times. LED finishes are also color-stable and easy to repair.

EPA's Draft Labeling Program For Low Carbon Construction Materials Omits Wood

The EPA's labeling program will focus first on steel, asphalt, and concrete, omitting wood. The program foresees the need for similar labels for other materials using "a phased approach." The wood products industry will continue to advocate to include wood and continue to provide data to the EPA emphasizing the carbon sequestering role of wood and wood products.

New Visual Shows How Wood Is A Climate Solution

The American Wood Council recently published a new visual showing how wood products from sustainably managed forests store carbon and mitigate climate change. DHA reposted the graphic with a link to our climate page and detailed life cycle assessment for engineered wood flooring.

Allegheny Wood Products Closes

After 50 years of operation, Allegheny Wood Products abruptly closed its doors on February 23. The West Virginia company operated mills in six locations across the state and employed about 800 workers.

Global Wood Summit: October 29-30

The Global Wood Summit Conference will be held in Vancouver, BC, on October 29-30. Speakers from the log and wood processing industries will discuss trends in business and trade over the next few years.

Australia's Demand For American Hardwoods Soars

The American Hardwood Export Council released export data that shows soaring demand for American red oak in Australia. U.S. hardwood exports to Australia grew by 22% in 2023. Data shows skyrocketing demand for American cherry and maple; export volumes increased by 650% and 110%, respectively.

European Plywood Market Faces Low Sales, Prices

In 2023, European plywood companies reported slow sales and low prices. Lower inflation and interest rates in 2024 should help, but sales will depend on the construction sector, which is also facing challenges.

New Outlook Report On China

Economists have published the China Forest, Log & Lumber Report: Supply, Demand & Prices to 2030/2035, which predicts that China will again become a significant growth market for softwoods, particularly for lumber. The Chinese hardwood pulp sector is also expected to grow.

Japan, NASA Ready To Launch First Wooden Satellite

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency and NASA will launch the world's first wooden satellite in the summer. The magnolia wood satellite will make spaceflight more environmentally sustainable. The wood is biodegradable and will burn up upon reentry, leaving only ash.

U.S. Housing Starts Fall By 14.8%
U.S. New-Home Sales Are Off To A Healthy Start In 2024
U.S. Existing-Home Sales Climb To Highest Level In 5 Months
U.S. Apartment Starts Fall By 38%
Canadian Housing Starts Drop By 10%
Canadian New Housing Price Index Declines
Bank Of Canada Will Cut Interest Rates In Half By End Of Next Year
Single-Family Construction Falls Short By More Than 7 Million Homes
Residential Building Material Prices Increase
Builder Confidence Grows By 4 Points
Wood Trivia: Test Your Knowledge

What country has suffered the highest levels of deforestation?

Answer: Brazil

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