September 30, 2021

DHA eNews - COVID Lockdowns Deal Blow To Vietnam's Timber & Furniture Industries

COVID Lockdowns Deal Blow To Vietnam's Timber & Furniture Industries

After three months of severe pandemic-related lockdowns in Vietnam, some furniture companies are moving production back to China. Vietnam's government ordered all factories to shut down after a June outbreak of COVID, only allowing them to reopen if workers were housed on-site. About 50% of timber processing companies in Vietnam were forced to stop operations and are now facing the possibility of bankruptcy. Others are still allowed to operate but are at less than 50% of capacity.

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Surge In Hardwood Flooring Imports Ebbs

The hot streak of U.S. imports of hardwood flooring ended in July. Imports from China and Brazil fell 18% in July as imports dropped from yearly highs in June. The pace of imports from China has declined to 19% growth year-to-date.

Customs Finds Chinese Cabinets Evade Duties By Transshipping Through Malaysia

After noticing a spike of more than 1,000% in cabinet imports from Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia, MasterBrand Cabinets hired outside investigators. The documentation they provided to U.S. Customs suggested that wooden cabinets and vanities produced in China are being repackaged in Malaysia and then shipped to the U.S., and that importers misrepresented the products as made in Malaysia rather than in China.

U. S. Trade Court Remands Hardwood Plywood Rate Determination

The U.S. Court of International Trade remanded this case for the fourth time, directing the U.S. Department of Commerce to reconsider the rate applied to the separate rate companies in the hardwood plywood case. Commerce had continued to calculate a rate of 57.36% for the separate rate companies and identified additional information on the record to support its determination.

Importantly, the Court agreed with Commerce's arguments that the 0% margin calculated for Chengen should not be used for the separate rate companies. The rate ultimately calculated will apply to a relatively limited number of entries.

China Extends Hardwood Tariff Exemptions

AHEC reports that Chinese tariff exemptions, originally set to expire on September 17, have been extended until April 16, 2022. The tariffs apply to both hardwood logs and lumber products exported to China.

U.S. Hardwood Logs & Lumber Exports To China Grow

U.S. hardwood exports to Greater China and Southeast Asia are sustaining a recovery through 2021. The latest data for this year shows that the value of U.S. hardwood log exports to Greater China is $327 million, up 35% from 2020. U.S. exports of hardwood lumber have reached $479 million, up 1.7%.

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The Best-Laid Plans To Plant Millions Of Trees...

In November 2019, volunteers planted 11 million trees in Turkey as part of a government-backed program. Less than three months later, about 90% of the saplings had died. The saplings had been planted at the wrong time and there wasn't enough rainfall to keep them alive.

Will Bark Beetles Doom Canada's Forests?

The forests along the Icefields Parkway in the Canadian Rockies are dying. Swaths of dead trees extend to every horizon. These trees are victims of the mountain pine beetle, which is an invasive species in Alberta, but native to British Columbia and most of the western U.S.

Illegal Logging Reaches Amazon’s Untouched Core

Satellite imagery shows that logging activity is spreading from the outer areas of the Amazon rainforest into its core. Seven of the nine Amazonian states in Brazil showed a pattern of logging advances, much of which is attributed to illegal logging.

Illegal Loggers Attack In Romanian Forest

Authorities in Romania reported that two journalists and an environmental activist were attacked and beaten in a Romanian forest while making a documentary about illicit deforestation. Their attackers: eleven suspected illegal loggers.

Mexican Crime Groups Turn To Illegal Timber

As marijuana profits dry up, crime groups in Mexico have turned their attention to illegal logging. San Juanito, Mexico used to have beautiful forests. After relentless logging – both legal and illegal – there is nothing but wood stumps for miles.

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