July 29, 2021

DHA eNews - Court Affirms Reversal Of Duties On Chinese Radiata Plywood

Court Affirms Reversal Of Duties On Chinese Radiata Plywood

The U.S. Court of International Trade upheld the Department of Commerce's reversal, where Commerce found that the hardwood plywood, decorative plywood, and veneer panels imported by Shelter Forest International Acquisition did not dodge antidumping and countervailing duty orders issued by Commerce in January 2018. The decision affirms the government's determination that the goods were being sold before the new duties kicked in.

Russia's Ban On Log Exports May Affect 4,000 Companies

Russia's ban on exports of softwood and high-value hardwood logs is expected to have a significant impact on the global market, starting with the approximately 4,000 companies that will no longer be able to import these logs from Russia. The ban begins on January 1, 2022.

EU Proposes Carbon Border Taxes

The European Union has proposed a carbon tax on imports as part of an aggressive plan to address climate change. The tax could be a way to level the playing field on carbon emissions. Canada and the U.S. may be the next to consider carbon tariffs.

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EU Focuses On Carbon Sinks To Battle Climate Change

To meet a new, more ambitious target for carbon removals, Europe will need to increase the amount of carbon stored by its forests and wetlands. EU's climate chief says that the capacity of European forests to absorb carbon dioxide "has been shrinking." The EU plan calls for planting 3 billion trees in cities and in lands currently used for agriculture.

Source: BNN Bloomberg

U.S. Forest Inventory Has Grown By 50%

The continental U.S. boasts nearly 1.4 trillion live trees on more than 635 million acres of forestland. The total volume of trees grown across the U.S. increased by 50% from 1953 to 2011.

VIDEO: Canadian Smashes World Record For Tree Planting

On July 18, a 22-year-old tree planter set a new world record by planting 23,060 trees in 24 hours straight, an average of one tree every 3.75 seconds.

Firefighters Use Artificial Intelligence To Predict Forest Fires

As climate change and gaps in forest management result in more intense and deadly wildfires, fire crews are turning to artificial intelligence and new technologies to help save more forestland and to use their scarce resources more efficiently.

Underpaid Firefighters, Overstretched Budgets: The U.S. Isn't Ready For Escalating Wildfires
Energy Policies Of 4 Nations Threaten Global Climate

Scientists are raising the alarm about the energy policies of four nations: China, Russia, Brazil, and Australia, whose climate targets could lead to "disastrous" global warming. The four countries have energy policies that are associated with an increase in atmospheric temperatures of five degrees Celsius.

New Research Says Time Spent Among Trees Might Help Kids' Brains Grow
IKEA Accused Of Sourcing Illegal Russian Timber

After a year-long investigation, an environmental group has accused IKEA of using illegally logged Russian pine to make children's furniture. The group states that wood was sourced from companies guilty of illegally logging about 4 million trees in the climate-critical forests of Siberia over the past decade.

Peru Sets Strategy To Combat Illegal Logging

Peru will launch a new multi-sector strategy to fight illegal logging, after much debate and planning. The national strategy is designed to reduce trade in illegal timber and to protect the rights of people involved in the sustainable use, conservation, and protection of forests.

Biden Proposes Reversal On Spotted Owl

The Biden administration has proposed restoring more than 3 million acres of northern spotted owl habitat, reversing a rule made at the tail end of the Trump administration. The Pacific Northwest, home of the owl, has long been a symbol of the fight between environmentalists and loggers.

Declaring Marbled Murrelet "Endangered" Goes Against Science

The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission voted 4-3 to reclassify the marbled murrelet from "threatened" to "endangered" under Oregon’s Endangered Species Act. However, data shows that populations are stable - if not growing - and habitat is increasing on public lands.

U.S. Forest Industry, Manufacturing Growth Show Signs Of Slowing
U.S. Housing Starts Exceed Forecasts, Rising To A 3-Month High
Housing Market Index Slips To 80
Canada's Housing Starts Fall 1.5%
New-Home Mortgage Applications Down 23.8%
Expect The Remodel Market To Continue To Grow
Inflation Hits A 13-Year High
Cabinet Sales Are Up 33%
Increased Demand For Softwood Lumber In U.S. & Asia Is Changing Global Trade Flows
Encouraging Signs For European Furniture Sector
Canadian Wildfires Causing Price Of Lumber To Spike, Again
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