December 03, 2020

DHA eNews - Commerce Sets New AD/CVD Rates For Hardwood Plywood & Flooring

Commerce Sets New AD/CVD Rates For Hardwood Plywood & Flooring

The U.S. Department of Commerce has completed its review of hardwood plywood antidumping and countervailing duty rates for the 21 Chinese exporters and producers who requested a review. For these 21 companies only, the new combined duty rate is 14.95% (first review AD final) plus 23% (first review CVD final) plus 25% (301 tariffs), resulting in a combined rate of about 63%. All other Chinese companies remain subject to the 183% antidumping duty rates from the investigation.

The final results of the review of 2017 countervailing duty rates for multilayered wood flooring are Baroque Timber, 14.09%; Jiangsu Guyu, 122.92%; and all other non-examined companies, 20.75%, which will apply to most Chinese producers. The new rates will go into effect shortly and retroactively cover shipments during the 2017 review period. More than 150 Chinese companies are covered by the higher countervailing duty rate.

USTR Plans Follow-Up Hearings On Vietnam

The U.S. Trade Representative will hold two separate hearings on its ongoing section 301 investigations into Vietnam's trade practices. The first hearing will deal with Vietnam's alleged use of illegally harvested timber; the second hearing will focus on currency.

New Duty Rates Set For Canadian Softwood Lumber

In its first annual administration review, the U.S. Department of Commerce confirmed that Canadian softwood lumber subsidies and dumping continue, resulting in a combined anti-subsidy and antidumping duty "administrative review" rate of 8.81%. Two Canadian ministers acknowledged that Commerce has reduced duty deposit rates for many in the Canadian softwood lumber industry; however, they believe the rate for all companies should be zero - and that this is the meaning of free trade.

Russia Plans Log Export Ban By 2022

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the government to enact strict controls on the export of roundwood and low-value forest products and to crack down on illegal logging. Putin requested a "complete ban on shipments of unprocessed or roughly processed conifer and valuable hardwood out of Russia by January 1, 2022."

Coronavirus Updates
Northwest Hardwoods Files For Bankruptcy

Northwest Hardwoods filed for bankruptcy on November 23. Company leadership says that the trade war with China is a primary reason for the company's difficulties. Last year, the company had to shut down sawmills in Washington and Virginia.

Dick Crutchfield Has Passed Away

Dick Crutchfield, the owner of Whiteville Plywood, passed away on Saturday, November 28. 

Updated: Get The New Decorative Hardwoods Grading Workshops

DHA's new grading workshops include everything you need to know to be a better salesperson or a savvy buyer. The series covers product construction, standards, species, grades, and much more. Download this unique, comprehensive course on decorative hardwood plywood today.

President Trump Establishes One Trillion Trees Interagency Council

The One Trillion Trees Interagency Council's responsibilities include coordinating and promoting the federal government's interactions with the global initiative to grow, restore, and conserve one trillion trees by 2030. The establishment of the council follows the announcement last January that the U.S. would join the World Economic Forum's One Trillion Trees initiative.

To Fix The Climate, Plant More Trees In The Tropics

The basic physics and complex economics of climate change show that the only technology currently available that can pull enough carbon out of the atmosphere, at any kind of scale, is growing more trees.

Which Forests Are Better At Storing Carbon?

Researchers determined that species diversity helps maximize the carbon stored by equatorial and tropical rainforests. Conversely, in cold or dry areas, it is the sheer number of trees - not species diversity - that is most important. 

Reforestation, Restoration Targets Missed As Roads, Mining Expand

A global assessment shows that the goal of halving deforestation by 2020 will not be achieved. The reason: businesses and governments conducting mining and infrastructure projects without considering the impact on the environment.

The World's Largest Smiley Face Planted In Oregon

Hampton Lumber planted a huge smiley face - made of trees - in an Oregon forest. The design, which measures 80 meters in diameter, was created using larch for the face. The eyes and mouth were planted with Douglas fir.

Source: Simple Floors Portland

Films Inspire: See Stunning Tropical Forests

The Forest Film Festival will transport audiences to some of the world's most stunning tropical forests to help highlight the crucial role that these biodiverse ecosystems play.

Fact-Checking The U.S. & China On Climate & Environment

China now claims illegal logging and deforestation are "rampant" in the U.S.; the World Wildlife Fund contradicts that claim. Nor is the U.S. among the top 10 countries with the highest average annual loss of forest area over the past 10 years, per the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The U.S. claims that "China is the world's largest consumer of illegal timber products" and can point to the studies that back this up.

China's Hardwood Industry Leaders Sign Trade Agreement

Thirteen leaders in China's hardwood timber industry signed the "Initiative Against Illegal Wildlife Trade," one of several efforts to promote responsible timber procurement and reduce illegal wildlife trade.

Bolsonaro Will Name Countries Trading In Illegal Timber

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro declared that his government will publicize the names of the countries that are illegally importing wood from the Amazon. This is possible as Brazilian police can now track exported wood using isotopes. Destruction of the Amazon in 2020 continues to be far greater than in the years prior to Bolsonaro assuming office.

In The Philippines, Mayors Are Tangled Up In Illegal Logging

The Department of the Interior and Local Government reported that several mayors in the Philippines are allegedly involved in illegal logging and illegal mining in their towns. The agency ordered a crackdown on all who are violating regulations designed to protect the environment.

Single-Family Starts At Highest Pace Since 2007
Housing Starts In Canada Rise 3%
Sales Growth Lifts Builder Confidence To New Record High
New-Home Construction Surges To Post-Great Recession Record
Existing Home Sales Surge 26.6%
Single-Family Housing Permits See Strong Gains
Home Prices Grow By 7%
New Orders For Furniture Up 43%

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