August 20, 2020

DHA eNews - Canadian Tribunal Finds That Chinese Plywood Harms Industry

Canadian Tribunal Finds Injury From Chinese Hardwood Plywood

On August 10, in an important first step in the case for domestic producers, the Canada International Trade Tribunal made a positive preliminary injury determination regarding decorative and other non-structural plywood imported from China. If the Canada Border Services Agency issues a preliminary determination of dumping and subsidizing, provisional duties will go into effect beginning September 9. In exceptional circumstances, the Special Import Measures Act allows antidumping duties to be imposed retroactively.

U.S. Takes Antidumping Action Against China

The Commerce Department has issued preliminary antidumping determinations on wood moulding and millwork from China, imposing dumping duties of 40% to 360%. The Brazil investigation, however, resulted in a negative preliminary finding that attorney Tim Brightbill called "unexpected and disappointing" and "not reflective of realities in the marketplace."

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ANSI Approves 2020 Updates To HP-1 & EF Standards

ANSI announced that the five-year revisions to ANSI/HPVA EF 2020 have been approved, as were the updates to ANSI/HPVA HP-1 2020. Print and PDF editions will be available soon on the Decorative Hardwoods Association website.

NEW: DHA Grading Workshops Offered Online Or In-Person

New online grading workshops from Decorative Hardwoods Association will be available after Labor Day. There are four online sessions: Basics, Specifics, Standards, and Grades.

BSR Notice Filed To Begin 5-Year Update Of ANS LTDD 1.0 2015

The BSR notice has been filed to begin the five-year update of the American National Standard for Due Diligence in Procuring/Sourcing Legal Timber, ANS LTDD 1.0 2015.

Sawdust Fire Sparks At Darlington Veneer
Capital Testing Offers Discount For Fire, Physical Testing

The experts at Capital Testing (formerly HPVA Laboratories®) are offering a discount for eNews subscribers and website visitors: 10% off any fire or physical testing services. See the Capital Testing website for the promotional code and details.

Eastern Hemlock’s Last Stand

The Japanese woolly adelgid has killed off nearly all eastern hemlocks in the Southeast. Along Virginia's Skyline Drive and the Shenandoah National Park, 95% of the hemlocks are dead - some of which were up to 500 years old. A Brandeis University group is trying desperately to stop the devastation, sometimes protecting one tree at a time, as the pest moves north due to the warming climate.

Source: Brandeis

Ash Borer Continues Its Relentless March

The emerald ash borer has now infested nearly all of the eastern U.S. states and Canadian provinces. The pest has been spotted in another 15 U.S. counties since July 1.

Germany’s Forests Decimated By Bark Beetle, Drought

In Germany, rising temperatures and droughts have made trees more vulnerable to attacks by bark beetles and other insects. Foresters removed about 1,130 million cubic feet of wood damaged by insects from Germany's forests last year, nearly three times the amount destroyed the year before.

Canada Leads Forest Certification

Canada has become the world leader in forest certification with about 415 million acres certified. The country has three certification programs: the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI), and several standards endorsed by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Wildfires Destroy More Than 90,000 Acres In CA, OR, & CO

Wildfires are spreading quickly in North America: the Mosier Creek Fire in central Oregon, the Pine Gulch and Grizzly Creek fires in Colorado, and the Lake Fire in California's Los Angeles County, where more than 100 homes were evacuated.

The Women Who Are Fighting American Wildfires

Meet some of the women leading the fight against forest fires. They plan and manage prescribed fires, lead hotshot crews, and rappel from helicopters into remote areas to battle flames.

Forests Capture Carbon At Accelerated Rates

A new study by researchers at the Harvard Forest Long-Term Ecological Research site shows that climate change has increased forests' productivity. The study of carbon observations collected over 25 years reveals that the rate at which carbon is captured from the atmosphere nearly doubled between 1992 and 2015.

Mountain Pine Beetles Wipe Out Forests Across The Globe
American Red Oak: Abundant & Sustainable

Because it is the most abundant hardwood species, the American red oak is also one of the most sustainable. It takes only 1.04 seconds to grow one cubic meter of red oak thanks to the immense volume of red oak trees in U.S. forests.

FSC Slammed Again

Activists say the Forest Stewardship Council has failed to properly investigate reports of alleged deforestation by two companies that are linked to Indonesia's wealthiest person, who controls these companies directly or indirectly. The cigarette and banking billionaire in question established his wealth through the Djarum tobacco company.

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