March 04, 2021

DHA eNews - Canada Sides With China On Decorative Plywood

Canada Sides With China On Decorative Plywood

On February 19, the Canadian International Trade Tribunal issued a determination that decorative plywood imports from China have not injured and do not threaten to injure Canadian producers of the product. CHPVA, the Canadian Hardwood Plywood and Veneer Association, is surprised and disappointed by this decision.

U.S., Canada Battle On Over Softwood Duties

The U.S. Department of Commerce plans to reinstate higher anti-subsidy duties on some imports of Canadian softwood lumber. This change is opposed by Canadian public and private interests and must be approved by the U.S. Court of International Trade. The National Association of Home Builders urged the Biden administration to remove import tariffs on Canadian lumber.

China Will Feel The Pain Of The Russian Ban On Log Exports

A new law proposed by Russia’s president will ban the export of softwood logs and high-value hardwood logs as of January 1, 2022. The change is expected to have the most impact on China.

Coronavirus Updates
Decorative Hardwoods Association Pushes Back 100th Anniversary Celebration & Annual Meeting

DHA's 100th Anniversary Celebration and Annual Meeting will likely be moved to either September or October 2021. No dates have been confirmed yet with the Sonesta Resort on Hilton Head Island.

HFF Funds Projects In Iowa & Minnesota

The Hardwood Forestry Fund has awarded funding of more than $57,000 to eight different projects in Iowa and in Minnesota.

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Canada Launches New Initiatives To Plant 2 Billion Trees

Canada's Minister of Natural Resources announced the next step in its commitment to plant two billion trees: the launch of two initiatives to assess interest from organizations who would like to collaborate on tree planting projects. Organizations have until March 25 to submit their expression of interest for Early Start Projects and until May 27 to submit information for future projects.

Malaysia Leads In Sustainable Forest Management

Malaysia has received global recognization for its ability to balance conservation and development. The country's leadership has retained 50% of its total land area as tropical forest while developing a timber export business that is the envy of its neighbors.

The Search For Old Oaks To Rebuild Notre Dame

French forestry teams are scouring Europe to find oaks between 150 and 200 years old to use to rebuild the iconic spire of the Notre Dame Cathedral that was destroyed in the 2019 fire.

42,000-Year-Old Kauri Tree Shows The Collapse Of The Earth's Magnetic Field

Thanks to a 42,000-year-old kauri tree that was unearthed in New Zealand, scientists have put together the story of how the Earth’s magnetic field collapsed and flipped poles, eons ago. This event, among others, caused a shift in our planet's climate that lasted 500 years.

Coalition Calls For Investigation Of Illegal Deforestation In Paraguay

Every two minutes, an area of forest the size of a football field was cleared in Paraguay in 2019. Much of the forest was illegally cleared by cattle ranching companies in the Chaco region, home to one of the last remaining indigenous communities.

EU, Honduras Sign Agreement To Fight Illegal Logging

On February 23, the EU and Honduras signed a voluntary agreement on forest law enforcement, governance, and trade in timber products. The purpose is to ensure that all Honduran timber and timber products exported to the EU are legally sourced and licensed.

Sri Lanka Begins Replanting After Holding Official Liable For Deforestation

Sri Lanka’s Forest Department has launched a $5 million reforesting project - after a court ruling that a former government minister must pay for the reforestation initiative.

Single-Family Starts Dip In January As Permits Rise
Canadian Housing Starts Up 23.1% In January
U.S. & Canadian Economies Lifted By Housing Starts
Existing U.S. Home Sales Increase By 0.6% In January
As Existing Home Sales Climb, Housing Inventory Drops To Record Low
NAHB/Wells Fargo Housing Index Ticks Up To 84 In February
Construction Headwinds Grow In January
For Now, High Buyer Demand Offsets Higher Home Building Costs
Home Prices Increase By Double Digits In All Metros
New Furniture Orders Rise 27%, Up By Double Digits For The 7th Straight Month
This Is A Test: Of Your Hardwood Flooring History

Which U.S. president had the vinyl floor removed from the Oval Office? Who installed it?

Hint: 1969 - 1982.

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