February 08, 2024

DHA eNews – 54% of Homebuyers Will Pay More For Hardwood Floors

DHA Insights: February 8, 2024

The beauty and enduring value of decorative hardwood products were recently recognized by Frontdoor.com as the most popular and sought-after home feature. This isn't a surprise to our industry. We know the beauty and value of hardwood products and are committed to continuously promoting and defending hardwoods. This is a key part of DHA's mission that we accomplish through architect education, the Real American Hardwood Campaign, and pushing back on fake "wood" products.

We are also pleased to announce that we have published the new DHA 2024 Where to Buy directory. Our membership directory is the source to find hardwood plywood, engineered wood flooring, veneer, and the machinery and supplies needed to produce beautiful hardwood products.

With the election coming, time is running out to achieve policy victories. The hardwood industry is advocating for important provisions in the farm bill and the new Hardwood Access and Program Development Act. Unfortunately, the current administration is also rushing to finalize extreme environmental regulations, including tough standards for particulate matter that could shut down new manufacturing growth throughout much of the country. The manufacturing sector, including the forest products industry, is fighting for reasonable standards.

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Keith A. Christman, President
Decorative Hardwoods Association

54% of Homebuyers Will Pay More For Hardwood Floors

The most sought-after home feature in the U.S. is hardwood floors. According to consumer research, hardwood floors are so popular that more than half of all prospective buyers said they would pay more for a home with hardwood floors.

Business Tax Package Makes Progress

Businesses continue to advocate to extend important provisions in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that are due to expire. A bill that would restore business interest deductions, the R&D tax credit, and full expensing of equipment passed the U.S. House of Representatives, with strong bipartisan support, and has been sent to the Senate.

Hardwood Industry Asks For $25M To Promote Hardwoods

Another step forward: the Hardwood Access and Program Development Act has been introduced in U.S. Congress. This important bill would provide $25 million to educate consumers and building and design professionals on the environmental and economic benefits of choosing hardwoods.

Hardwood Federation Urges Support For Key Farm Bill Provisions

The farm bill, reauthorized every five years, includes forestry provisions that impact the U.S. hardwood industry. The Hardwood Federation is urging members and those in our industry to contact members of Congress. What's at stake: hardwood export promotion funding, timber innovation for the Building Rural Communities Act, and the Jobs in the Woods Act.

GSA Chooses Red Oak For Military Vehicles

The U.S. General Services Administration designated red oak as the material of choice for floorboards and cargo beds in military vehicles. The goal is to use northern red oak, which GSA characterizes as having "the least concern for extinction," instead of hardwoods from endangered tropical forests.

New Regulations Could Shut Down Permitting

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is expected to release a stringent air quality standard for "fine particulate matter." While the standard would primarily affect large facilities in the wood industry, it is also likely to impact smaller operations and downstream manufacturers. In addition, this standard will affect the many areas of the country that are exposed to smoke from forest fires.

Roseburg Makes Chief Of Staff Official

Roseburg Forest Products has officially promoted Cybelle White to Chief of Staff. She will focus on aligning strategic initiatives, fostering communication and quick decision-making, and executing projects on the CEO's behalf. White first joined the company in 2016.


Canadian Forest Certification System Is Open For Comment

PEFC Canada has revised its forest certification system to ensure that its forest management standard is up-to-date and continues to meet stakeholder demands and expectations. It is open for comment until March 28.

Researchers Find The World's Oldest Forest

Researchers from the University of Binghamton and University of Cardiff discovered an ancient forest at the bottom of a quarry in Cairo, NY. The fossils of plants and trees in the area suggest that this is the oldest forest found so far on Earth.

Most BC Old-Growth Management Areas Aren't Old Growth

A new report by the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society of British Columbia has found that a significant percentage of old-growth management areas "do not meet conservation standards and contain little old growth." 58% of these areas are composed of primarily young forests. 37% do not contain any old forests at all.

Residential Furniture Orders See Double-Digit Growth

New orders for residential furniture rose 26% in November, the seventh month in a row of double-digit growth. About 67% of respondents reported an increase in orders vs. one year ago.

Russia's Timber Exports Surge

Russia and Belarus are increasing shipments of timber to Uzbekistan, now Russia’s second-largest importer of softwoods. Ten countries—including Uzbekistan, China, and Iran—are driving the lucrative trade of conflict timber, bypassing Western sanctions.

First-Ever Wood Tech Summit Is March 13–15

The first Wood Tech Summit will be held March 13-15, in Ogden, UT, to highlight and share cutting-edge innovation. Designed for woodworking professionals, the goal of the event is to share insights, facilitate networking, and discuss the latest trends. 

The World's Largest Wooden Dome

Northern Michigan University's Superior Dome in Marquette, MI, stands 143 feet tall, with a diameter of 536 feet, and covers 5.1 acres. The structure was built with 781 Douglas fir beams and 108.5 miles of fir decking.

U.S. New-Home Sales Inch Higher
U.S. Existing Home Sales Fall To Lowest Point In 29 Years
Pending Home Sales Climb By 8.3%
Canadian Existing Home Sales Up By 8.7%
Home Builder Pessimism Hits All-Time High In Canada
U.S. Construction Starts Soar By 20%
Expect Mortgage Rates To Drop Below 6% In 2024
Consumer Confidence Index Rises As Concerns Over Inflation Fall To 3-Year Low
Residential Furniture Orders Continue Double-Digit Increases
Remodeling Spending Forecast To Drop By 6.5% In 2024
Wood Trivia: Test Your Knowledge

As the climate changes, which important hardwood tree in eastern North America is likely to be the most resilient?


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