DHA Insights: May 2, 2024


DHA recently joined allies in pushing for a 24-month delay of the new EU Deforestation Regulation. EUDR is widely seen as unworkable for the European forest products industry as well as for small U.S. forest owners. U.S. forests are arguably the most sustainably managed in the world. EU analysis supports that. However, the inflexible EUDR will create an extreme challenge for the U.S. forest products industry if not delayed. Representatives of the American Hardwood Export Council will join us at our annual meeting to discuss what they are doing to help U.S. exporters comply with the EUDR and to convince the European Commission to delay implementation.

In a sign of troubling times to come, imports of hardwood plywood from Vietnam and Indonesia are up dramatically from lower levels in 2023. Imports from Vietnam grew exponentially—by nearly 292% in volume—as imports from Indonesia grew by 52% in volume year-to-date.

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Keith A. Christman, President
Decorative Hardwoods Association