DHA Insights: July 28, 2022


Forests and wood products provide tremendous benefits to society, from storing carbon to reduce climate change to providing warmth and beauty in our built environment. This month, the Real American Hardwood Coalition launched a new public website spotlighting the beauty of hardwoods and their financial benefits to homeowners.

In addition, Congress is increasingly highlighting the carbon storage benefits of wood products, most recently in discussions on the farm bill, which sets federal policy and funding for agriculture and natural resources. We are also relieved that a stand of giant sequoias has been spared from a devastating wildfire, as we have too often seen wildfires ravage communities across the country. Saving the sequoias wasn't an accident. According to Yosemite forest ecologists, decades of prescribed burns protected these trees. Hopefully, policymakers can learn from this experience to better protect our forests and forest communities across the country.

If you have questions or comments, contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Keith A. Christman, President
Decorative Hardwoods Association